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Top new questions this week:

How much CO2 is currently captured in the EU per year with CCS technologies?

I wonder how much carbon dioxide is captured per annum in the EU at the moment. In this article (p. 5), one can read that the two largest CCS facilities in Europe currently capture around 1,55 Mt/y. ...

asked by Max Muller 3 votes

What are the impacts on CO2 emissions from using cloud software?

I am wondering what are the positive as well as negative impacts on CO2 emissions from using cloud software like Google Sheets, in comparison to traditional software that run locally or on a local ...

greenhouse-gas-emissions cloud-computing  
asked by orschiro 1 vote
answered by juhist 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the Air Conditioner water clean and hygienic if I want to collect and reuse the water?

I'm actually unaware about how an Air Conditioner (A/C) works. In our office, our A/C's residue (?) pipe is coming out to the toilet floor, and when the A/C is used there tiny droplets come out ...

water waste-water  
asked by Mayeenul Islam 7 votes

How can I seal a pond without using a plastic pond liner?

I'd like to create a pond in a wet spot in my yard so that I can plant some beneficial water plants and possibly attract frogs and toads to help control pests. Is it possible to seal the pond so that ...

gardening water-management ponds  
asked by Daniel Bingham 22 votes
answered by bstpierre 13 votes

Do #4 (♶ LDPE) plastic bags need to be recycled at grocery stores like #2 (♴ HDPE) plastic bags?

Many recycling programs don't accept #2 (♴ - high-density polyethylene - HDPE) plastic bags (only #2 rigid plastic). Does the same apply to #4 (♶ - low-density polyethylene - LDPE) plastic? I've ...

recycling plastic bags  
asked by drs 6 votes
answered by THelper 3 votes

What's needed to set up a personal solar power system?

I'd like to set up a solar power system to power a small house, say 20 kWh per day, 600 kWh per month. What equipment do I need to make it happen? Production and storage are both important. I'm ...

asked by Laizer 11 votes
answered by Yadav Chetan 9 votes

Can alloy wheels (for a car) pay for themselves through fuel savings?

Magnesium alloy wheels (aka mag wheels) are desirable to car enthusiasts due to an increase in performance, but with reduced weight there would also be a fuel saving. Obviously prices and fuel ...

cars fuel-efficiency  
asked by Highly Irregular 4 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 6 votes

Can you recycle single serve coffee pods like K-Cups?

Are they recyclable at all? can you pull them apart and recycle parts of them? Are there recyclable alternatives? Many offices including mine are using these to brew coffee in the USA. I personally ...

asked by Enjabain 15 votes
answered by THelper 13 votes

How to properly dispose of bubble wrap envelopes?

In those envelopes paper is often glued pretty well to bubble wrap portion, making it hard to separate. On top of that bubble wrap itself is seldom recycled - for example in my area of Ontario, Canada ...

recycling waste  
asked by Sebastian K 14 votes
answered by Martin Tournoij 15 votes
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