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Top new questions this week:

Should I donate old electronics or drop them off at e-waste recycling centers?

Lately I have been needing to get rid of some old (and/or broken) electronics and have been struggling with the question of whether I should try to donate the electronics to someone or just drop them ...

recycling environmental-impact reuse electronics  
user avatar asked by Cave Johnson Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Which is more sustainable: aluminium can, plastic bottle or glass bottle?

I was wondering which drink container is the most sustainable one, when looking at the big picture (complete life cycle analysis). So far, I can see the few following points: Transport: plastic and ...

recycling life-cycle-analysis  
user avatar asked by stragu Score of 62
user avatar answered by WilliamKF Score of 43

Can I recycle plastics at home by melting and molding?

I would like to know if it is possible to recycle plastic at home by melting and molding. Is it at all possible? What technique or technology do I need? Can it be done with any plastic? Are there ...

recycling diy plastic  
user avatar asked by neydroydrec Score of 47
user avatar answered by elssar Score of 33

What are the key principles for designing a rocket stove?

I have some spare bricks lying around that I'm interested in using to build a rocket stove for cooking. What are the key principles I need to understand to build a rocket stove? Is there a maximum ...

woodstove cooking  
user avatar asked by Highly Irregular Score of 12
user avatar answered by Jay Bazuzi Score of 7

How to deal with leafcutter ants?

The picture says it all. They strip a complete tree in a day of all its leaves. Can't blame them, because they use the leaves to make their own food, but they do attack my fig tree, roses, hibiscus, ...

user avatar asked by Earthliŋ Score of 13
user avatar answered by Philip Durso Score of 7

Uses for fish bones?

We eat fish. I know some small fish bones are fried and eaten as food in some parts of the world, and they can be composted for mineral content. I do compost some already, but we don’t have that ...

waste pets  
user avatar asked by Chris Travers Score of 10
user avatar answered by Earthliŋ Score of 6

How to build a waterfall powered electric generator?

Want to build one of those old-style water wheels powered by a waterfall. Is there a more efficient way than the ones that were around since the start of the industrial revolution?

water electricity-generation  
user avatar asked by Jordan Reiser Score of 15
user avatar answered by Earthliŋ Score of 11

What is an energy efficient way to get fresh air indoors during winter?

Letting some fresh air inside is always a good idea, but during the winter it seems a bit wasteful to fling open the window and let the fresh air in at the expense of all that hot air going out, and ...

energy heating home building ventilation  
user avatar asked by Rob Mosher Score of 70
user avatar answered by 410 gone Score of 47
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