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Top new questions this week:

How feasible is a city with no cars and no streets?

Saudi prince, Mohammand bin Salman, announced a future city spread in 170km with no cars and no street. But any place to meet daily needs like schools, medicine and office will not take more than 5 ...

energy-efficiency fuel-efficiency city-living  
asked by PD Pro 3 votes
answered by Erik 2 votes

Sustainability of Vanguard?

Does anyone know if the financial organisation Vanguard is engaged in sustainability topics, specifically sustainable finance, being a big financial player themselves?

asked by orschiro 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Leaving the oven door open for heat - bad idea?

I've heard before that it's a bad idea to use an oven to heat your house, because it's inefficient and carries the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. But what about leaving the oven door open after I'...

energy heating energy-efficiency safety  
asked by Yumecosmos 22 votes
answered by Highly Irregular 18 votes

Can carbon fibre be recycled?

Over time the range of products using carbon fibre appears to be increasing. Carbon by itself is probably quite environmentally friendly, but manufacturing of carbon fibre is probably quite expensive ...

asked by Highly Irregular 14 votes
answered by Nate 14 votes

How can I support the recycling, but not the new production of aluminum?

While the initial production of aluminum is a waste-intensive, energy-intensive process that has negative environmental and social impact through deforestation and contamination of waterways, aluminum ...

recycling environmental-impact packaging lifestyle metal  
asked by RollingCompass 13 votes
answered by juhist 3 votes

What is the relationship between biodiversity and sustainability?

What are the sound reasons (let's put aside the unsound reasons) why protecting or increasing biodiversity takes us further down the road to sustainability? Are there real-world circumstances whereby ...

asked by 410 gone 8 votes
answered by barrymac 7 votes

Fruit peels as alternative to store-bought fertilizer?

I've read somewhere that (organic) banana peels make a good fertilizer. You simply cut them up into small pieces and bury those around the plants in your garden. But how effective are banana peels ...

gardening fertilizer food-waste  
asked by THelper 4 votes
answered by Eileen 6 votes

Uses for fish bones?

We eat fish. I know some small fish bones are fried and eaten as food in some parts of the world, and they can be composted for mineral content. I do compost some already, but we don’t have that ...

waste pets  
asked by Chris Travers 10 votes
answered by Earthliŋ 6 votes

Dimensions for greenhouse to feed a family of 4?

I think a sustainable choice would be to start producing my own food in my backyard. To achieve year round production, I'll need a greenhouse. We enjoy lots of vegetables and salads on a daily basis, ...

construction greenhouse  
asked by thatmiddleway 22 votes
answered by bstpierre 14 votes
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