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Top new questions this week:

Is there a total cost of ownership calculator for cars that will give me electric vehicle options?

I recently replaced a 20-year-old ICE vehicle in need of significant repairs with a five-year-old ICE vehicle. We had hoped that we could buy an EV this time around, but models that meet our needs are ...

asked by LShaver 2 votes
answered by juhist 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's needed to set up a personal solar power system?

I'd like to set up a solar power system to power a small house, say 20 kWh per day, 600 kWh per month. What equipment do I need to make it happen? Production and storage are both important. I'm ...

asked by Laizer 11 votes
answered by Yadav Chetan 9 votes

Dimensions for greenhouse to feed a family of 4?

I think a sustainable choice would be to start producing my own food in my backyard. To achieve year round production, I'll need a greenhouse. We enjoy lots of vegetables and salads on a daily basis, ...

construction greenhouse  
asked by thatmiddleway 22 votes
answered by bstpierre 14 votes

How long to charge 12v deep cycle battery?

How long would it take to charge this deep cycle battery (Amazon link) with a regular household electricity plug? Thanks.

batteries battery-charging  
asked by rbhat 1 vote
answered by Jean-Paul Calderone 3 votes

Why can't black plastic be recycled?

My local council now takes most types of plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in the recycling bin. But they specifically exclude black plastic containers. Is there a reason for this? Why can't ...

recycling plastic  
asked by vclaw 15 votes
answered by J Bergen 1 vote

Which refrigerant is used in today's refrigerators and how harmful is it?

I'm curious about which and how much of a refrigerant is commonly used in modern refrigerators (say, produced from 2000 onwards). How harmful is it for the environment? What is the ozone depletion ...

asked by Stockfisch 18 votes
answered by Zach Dwiel 16 votes

Dealing with flies indoors: Carnivorous Plants

I was wondering about a sustainable chemical free way of dealing with house flies. Specifically, I thought to keep this from having too many possible answers and evolving into a discussion I am ...

pest-management plants  
asked by Jonathon 13 votes
answered by That Idiot 13 votes

How effective is turning a car's engine off while standing at a traffic light?

I know some countries enforce having cars automatically shut down the engine when stopping at a traffic light. How much resources are really saved by this process? Does the car need to be ...

cars fuel-efficiency transport  
asked by Ron Harlev 40 votes
answered by theUg 36 votes
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