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Top new questions this week:

Shading percentage to cause hot spots

I'm designing a solar plant over the roof or a huge building for my company. Now the roof has a lot of obstacles, Shafts, pillars, AC equipment etc. I have a couple of questions that I could really ...

solar-power renewables  
asked by Mazen 3 votes
answered by Nic 2 votes

How much weight would a wireless charging system add to an electric bus?

Wireless charging requires a number of 'receiving charging pad's and a 'management module' and I imagine there will be additional wiring. How much extra weight does this add to an electric bus?

transport electric-vehicles  
asked by atreeon 3 votes

How do I create a cheap solar still?

I am trying to create a cheap and easy way to distill water. I learned through some research and talking with people that making a solar still is the best way. I really would like a cheap solution to ...

water water-management solar-thermal seawater  
asked by Rahul Vijayan 1 vote

Would moving baby trees help with carbon sequestration?

There are areas in the country I live in where deforestation has been extreme. I'm thinking of going to transplant smaller trees from the neighboring forests. Does this make sense? Could I end up ...

carbon-sequestration forestry  
asked by Sustainable Programmer 1 vote
answered by Nic 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I monitor a PV system's performance?

What are things I should monitor to track a photovoltaic system's performance? I'm not looking for a recommendation for a particular piece of kit, because such a recommendation could quickly go out ...

solar-power photovoltaics  
asked by 410 gone 7 votes
answered by Peter Ivan 9 votes

Dishwasher or paper plates: which are worse?

After running the dishwasher last night it struck he how much energy it must consume: from heating large amounts of water to the motorized pumps and spinners to the heated plate drying. Then there's ...

recycling pollution  
asked by Brian Risk 9 votes

How can I determine the U-value (or R-value) of my existing double glazing system?

Is there an easy way to determine the U-value (or R-value) of an existing fitted double glazing system? Two options spring to mind, looking up the value in some kind of database (sadly I have no idea ...

diy home building-physics glazing  
asked by Mark Booth 14 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 4 votes

What is the relationship between recycling and sustainability?

What are the sound reasons (let's put aside the unsound reasons) why increasing recycling is taken to improve sustainability (or equivalently to reduce unsustainability)? Are there real-world ...

recycling defining-sustainability  
asked by 410 gone 13 votes
answered by Sophie 8 votes

Is it sustainable to bury dead animals next to plants?

I heard that dead animals can be used as fertilizers and can be helpful for making a tree grow taller and more healthy. Once I had buried a dead dog under a lemon tree, which at first did not result ...

gardening plants animals fertilizer  
asked by Yadav Chetan 11 votes
answered by Danubian Sailor 15 votes

Why shouldn't meat be placed in my compost pile?

I've heard claims that it is a bad idea to place meat in your compost pile. What is the reason for this? I'd like to be able to compost all my table scraps to reduce my waste stream, however, if ...

composting meat  
asked by WilliamKF 76 votes
answered by Jay Bazuzi 65 votes

How much power does an idle PC use?

My university's IT department has recently sent everybody an email asking us to leave our computers on at night, every night, so that they can do remote maintenance. They say "Despite what you may ...

asked by Flyto 7 votes
answered by Martin Tournoij 7 votes

Can you answer this question?

Are there examples of Greywater reuse between buildings?

Are there any documented cases or examples about reusing greywater from a particular building in another adjacent building? For example: Using treated greywater from an office building for toilet ...

water water-management city-living greywater  
asked by akram El mansouri 2 votes
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