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Top new questions this week:

Does the 15 minute city concept have an answer to the two body problem?

The 15 minute city is defined by wikipedia as: The 15-minute city (15mC) is an urban planning concept in which most daily necessities and services, such as work, shopping, education, healthcare, and ...

transport city-living careers  
user avatar asked by User65535 Score of 2

In an air-conditioned house, is the dryer more energy-efficient than hang-drying?

When the air conditioning is running, which consumes the least energy: using the dryer (which sends the humidity outside) or indoor air-drying (which requires the air conditioner to remove the ...

user avatar asked by Dan R. Score of 2
user avatar answered by juhist Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I recycle Kidde brand smoke detectors?

I live in the United States and I have a non-working Kidde ionization smoke detector. I've read that these smoke detectors should be recycled because they contain some radioactive material. However, ...

user avatar asked by Recycler Score of 5
user avatar answered by LShaver Score of 5

In general, is cardboard with a plastic coating acceptable for recycling?

Many children's toys and other items come with a box or package made of cardboard with a thin plastic coating. How does this affect the recycling process? Can paper recycling facilities generally ...

recycling plastic paper cardboard  
user avatar asked by Highly Irregular Score of 6
user avatar answered by Andrew Lalis Score of 4

Can plastic with only the Japanese recycling symbol be recycled in the US?

I bought a vacuum cleaner that came wrapped in several plastic bags. The bags only have one recycling code printed on them, the Japanese pura māku: Can these bags be recycled with ♴ or ♶ plastic film ...

recycling plastic  
user avatar asked by drs Score of 10
user avatar answered by user4034 Score of 6

How to recognize products with neonicotinoid pesticides in them?

Recently, the EU has temporarily banned neonicotinoid pesticides because there are strong indications that these pesticides are responsible for the decline in bee populations. I've heard that this ...

insects pesticides  
user avatar asked by THelper Score of 18
user avatar answered by THelper Score of 9

Which tree consumes most carbon dioxide and poisonous gases?

I want to suggest to a gardener to plant trees for reducing pollution and poisonous gases emitted from a factory. Which species is preferable to plant in the area around the factory?

pollution plants  
user avatar asked by Yadav Chetan Score of 44
user avatar answered by THelper Score of 29

What sustainable packaging can be used for meat in the freezer?

When my family purchases meat from the supermarket, it comes on a non-recyclable plastic foam tray with plastic cling wrap over the top. We can improve on this by purchasing meat elsewhere. However, ...

meat storage plastic-alternatives packaging  
user avatar asked by Highly Irregular Score of 11
user avatar answered by John Bensin Score of 4

Dimensions for greenhouse to feed a family of 4?

I think a sustainable choice would be to start producing my own food in my backyard. To achieve year round production, I'll need a greenhouse. We enjoy lots of vegetables and salads on a daily basis, ...

construction greenhouse  
user avatar asked by pizza247 Score of 24
user avatar answered by bstpierre Score of 15
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