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Dealing with bugs in compost

My community compost pile is incredibly buggy. It's a ~30 gallon bucket, with a closed lid and ventilation holes. It has hundreds of flying bugs swarming in it. As soon as the lid is open they're ...

composting pest-management  
asked by Laizer Score of 23
answered by Matthew Brown aka Lord Matt Score of 16

Aerogel as home insulation?

I see that has begun to offer various insulating blankets, though it seems targeted for industrial use rather than consumer use. Does this aerogel look like a suitable technology ...

insulation safety durability  
asked by Highly Irregular Score of 13
answered by Ⴖuі Score of 11

In general, is cardboard with a plastic coating acceptable for recycling?

Many children's toys and other items come with a box or package made of cardboard with a thin plastic coating. How does this affect the recycling process? Can paper recycling facilities generally ...

recycling plastic paper cardboard  
asked by Highly Irregular Score of 6
answered by Andrew Lalis Score of 4

How many kilowatt hours of electricity does it take to heat 180 litres of water from 15 to 60 degrees C?

I think this calculation uses the specific heat capacity for water, which is from memory a bit over 4. Can someone please do the math? Also, if we assume electricity costs $0.30 per kilowatt hour, ...

water electricity water-heating  
asked by Highly Irregular Score of 5
answered by 410 gone Score of 19

Why am I offered a 5 kW inverter with a 6.6 kW solar installation?

I've just received two quotes for installing a rooftop solar system at my residential address (near Sydney, Australia). This caught my eye: Company 1: Panel: 22 x ET panels 300w Inverter: Growatt 5 ...

solar-power home  
asked by Robotnik Score of 28
answered by 410 gone Score of 31

How can we detect if a water melon contains artificial colouring?

Recently I heard at the market that water melons are injected with artificial colouring to make them look fresh and attractive, even though it is very harmful for anyone who consumes them. Is there a ...

food fruits-and-vegetables  
asked by ram Score of 8
answered by Zyzen Zyman Score of 1

What is the relationship between biodiversity and sustainability?

What are the sound reasons (let's put aside the unsound reasons) why protecting or increasing biodiversity takes us further down the road to sustainability? Are there real-world circumstances whereby ...

asked by 410 gone Score of 8
answered by barrymac Score of 7
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