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Can you recycle single serve coffee pods like K-Cups?

Are they recyclable at all? can you pull them apart and recycle parts of them? Are there recyclable alternatives? Many offices including mine are using these to brew coffee in the USA. I personally ...

asked by Enjabain 15 votes
answered by THelper 13 votes

Can alloy wheels (for a car) pay for themselves through fuel savings?

Magnesium alloy wheels (aka mag wheels) are desirable to car enthusiasts due to an increase in performance, but with reduced weight there would also be a fuel saving. Obviously prices and fuel ...

cars fuel-efficiency metal  
asked by Highly Irregular 5 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 7 votes

How to recover water from washing machine for toilet

In the last years I have been very concerned about the incredible waste of water from washing machine that could be easily used for toilet use, but up to now I have not found an easy way apart from ...

recycling water greywater  
asked by sagitta 23 votes
answered by Russell McMahon 21 votes

How effective is turning a car's engine off while standing at a traffic light?

I know some countries enforce having cars automatically shut down the engine when stopping at a traffic light. How much resources are really saved by this process? Does the car need to be ...

cars fuel-efficiency transport  
asked by Ron Harlev 42 votes
answered by theUg 37 votes

Dealing with flies indoors: Carnivorous Plants

I was wondering about a sustainable chemical free way of dealing with house flies. Specifically, I thought to keep this from having too many possible answers and evolving into a discussion I am ...

pest-management plants  
asked by Jonathon 13 votes
answered by That Idiot 13 votes

How to fix plastic (acetate) glasses frame?

My prescription glasses has fallen on the ground... it's an Oakley Shifter 2.0 Black Smoke. Lenses are still good but the frame has broken when falling on the ground (a clean cut directly where the ...

reuse diy glass repair  
asked by Simon Dugré 4 votes
answered by Simon Dugré 5 votes

How plants survive in aquaponics?

Normally, we see in our garden that if there is an excess of water for certain plants (e.g. vegetable), they do not survive and their roots rot because of being soaked in water 24 hours a day. The ...

plants aquaponics  
asked by DataMiner 13 votes
answered by EarthliƋ 5 votes
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