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Top new questions this week:

Soil Restoration Issue - How to deal with thousands of small pine stumps?

Background: Just acquired a 4-acre lot in Southern Virginia. It was recently cleared of a ton of small (roughly 6-foot-tall) pine saplings that look like they were mechanically planted. I am not ...

permaculture soil  
asked by Christopher 3 votes
answered by Móż 1 vote

Gnat problem with a rotating composter

I use a Maze Compost Tumbler, which is a 2-sided rotary composter, to compost kitchen scraps. By volume, I add equal parts kitchen scraps, sawdust and peat moss whenever I add the scraps. It is ...

composting pest-management  
asked by user2065003 1 vote
answered by LazyReader 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Dishwasher or paper plates: which are worse?

After running the dishwasher last night it struck he how much energy it must consume: from heating large amounts of water to the motorized pumps and spinners to the heated plate drying. Then there's ...

recycling pollution  
asked by Brian Risk 9 votes

How much firewood does it take to produce the equivalent of 1kWh of electrical heating?

Let's assume 1kWh of electricity is used to run a fan heater. Heat pumps are more efficient, but have a range of different efficiencies, so perhaps aren't a good base comparison. Assuming a good ...

energy-efficiency firewood  
asked by Highly Irregular 6 votes
answered by Tim 2 votes

Pros and cons of bamboo clothing compared to cotton?

I've read that clothes made from bamboo fibers require about 1/3 the amount of water compared to cotton. Also bamboo grows much faster than cotton and it requires little or no herbicides or fertilizer....

environmental-impact manufacturing clothing  
asked by THelper 19 votes
answered by user2121874 12 votes

Planting trees for firewood - how many?

I'd like to heat my house using self-grown firewood. How do I go about calculating the number of trees I'd need to plant each year to make it sustainable - same number of trees harvested each year as ...

gardening heating plants firewood forestry  
asked by SF. 23 votes
answered by bstpierre 29 votes

How can we detect if a water melon contains artificial colouring?

Recently I heard at the market that water melons are injected with artificial colouring to make them look fresh and attractive, even though it is very harmful for anyone who consumes them. Is there a ...

food fruits-and-vegetables  
asked by ram 8 votes
answered by Zyzen Zyman 1 vote

How do I find an eco-friendly laptop?

I am looking to replace my laptop. Being in a conscious path of my own, I want to choose a laptop which is a product of good and sustainable procedures. I am saying good because most popular brands ...

green-it ecolabel product-design  
asked by user1297 31 votes
answered by THelper 32 votes

How can I build a spinning wheel?

I have a large wolf-dog hybrid who sheds, a lot! I have to brush him every day. A friend came by, saw the massive amount of fur he's shedding and remarked that it would be great for spinning into ...

permaculture reuse diy pets upcycling  
asked by BGundlach 6 votes
answered by Spinning Beginner 6 votes
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