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What are the major concerns about planting trees to create carbon offsets?

I've seen many organizations trying to sell carbon offsets based on planting trees, and recently some parties (1, 2) that were vying for control of the Canadian government promised that they would ...

trees carbon-offsetting  
asked by Nic 29 votes
answered by THelper 33 votes

Do #4 (♶ LDPE) plastic bags need to be recycled at grocery stores like #2 (♴ HDPE) plastic bags?

Many recycling programs don't accept #2 (♴ - high-density polyethylene - HDPE) plastic bags (only #2 rigid plastic). Does the same apply to #4 (♶ - low-density polyethylene - LDPE) plastic? I've ...

recycling plastic bags  
asked by drs 7 votes
answered by THelper 3 votes

How to recover water from washing machine for toilet

In the last years I have been very concerned about the incredible waste of water from washing machine that could be easily used for toilet use, but up to now I have not found an easy way apart from ...

recycling water greywater  
asked by sagitta 23 votes
answered by Russell McMahon 21 votes

How can I determine the U-value (or R-value) of my existing double glazing system?

Is there an easy way to determine the U-value (or R-value) of an existing fitted double glazing system? Two options spring to mind, looking up the value in some kind of database (sadly I have no idea ...

diy home building-physics glazing  
asked by Mark Booth 14 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 4 votes

How are pollution and sustainability related?

In discussing "green" policies, the words "sustainability" and "pollution" are occasionally mixed together, as if they were antonyms. My gut feeling is that something that is polluting is by ...

defining-sustainability pollution  
asked by gerrit 13 votes
answered by mart 15 votes

What are the key principles for designing a rocket stove?

I have some spare bricks lying around that I'm interested in using to build a rocket stove for cooking. What are the key principles I need to understand to build a rocket stove? Is there a maximum ...

woodstove cooking  
asked by Highly Irregular 12 votes
answered by Jay Bazuzi 7 votes

Uses for fish bones?

We eat fish. I know some small fish bones are fried and eaten as food in some parts of the world, and they can be composted for mineral content. I do compost some already, but we don’t have that ...

waste pets  
asked by Chris Travers 10 votes
answered by Earthliŋ 6 votes
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