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Why can't black plastic be recycled?

My local council now takes most types of plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in the recycling bin. But they specifically exclude black plastic containers. Is there a reason for this? Why can't ...

recycling plastic  
user avatar asked by vclaw Score of 15
user avatar answered by J Bergen Score of 1

Which is more sustainable: aluminium can, plastic bottle or glass bottle?

I was wondering which drink container is the most sustainable one, when looking at the big picture (complete life cycle analysis). So far, I can see the few following points: Transport: plastic and ...

recycling life-cycle-analysis  
user avatar asked by stragu Score of 63
user avatar answered by WilliamKF Score of 43

Is it sustainable to bury dead animals next to plants?

I heard that dead animals can be used as fertilizers and can be helpful for making a tree grow taller and more healthy. Once I had buried a dead dog under a lemon tree, which at first did not result ...

gardening plants animals fertilizer  
user avatar asked by Yadav Chetan Score of 11
user avatar answered by Danubian Sailor Score of 16

Why does cheese have such a high carbon footprint?

(Source of information here) As you can see, cheese has the third highest carbon footprint. Only beef and lamb have a higher footprint. Several other sources (such as this) corroborate this. Why is ...

food carbon-footprint  
user avatar asked by Martin Tournoij Score of 24
user avatar answered by kingledion Score of 30

Would it be possible to process bamboo for fabric at home?

I have been using bamboo socks and t-shirts, and I have read online about the fact that two main disadvantages of the industrial production of bamboo are: 1) Some companies process the bamboo ...

diy clothing industrial-production  
user avatar asked by usumdelphini Score of 7
user avatar answered by EarthliƋ Score of 5

What is the most efficient setting on my oil-filled radiator?

I have an oil-filled radiator with three heat intensities: Low (900W) Medium (1100W) High (2000W) Given the radiator has a thermostat, what is the most efficient heat setting to use? My goal is to ...

energy-efficiency heating  
user avatar asked by Duncan Jones Score of 2
user avatar answered by LShaver Score of 3

Which tree consumes most carbon dioxide and poisonous gases?

I want to suggest to a gardener to plant trees for reducing pollution and poisonous gases emitted from a factory. Which species is preferable to plant in the area around the factory?

pollution plants  
user avatar asked by Yadav Chetan Score of 44
user avatar answered by THelper Score of 29
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