I want to print logo stickers that will be put onto laptops. I would like to print them at a place that pays attention to sustainability e.g. stickers made of recycling paper, coating of recycled plastic or plant-based, co2-reduced production, etc.

Criteria that I'm looking for in stickers:

  • Removable
  • Custom sticker form
  • Thicker than 80g
  • Not much more than ~0.20€ per 5x5cm sticker when buying ~1000 pcs
  • Bonus: Die-cut sticker
  • Bonus: Production in Europe (because of shipping)

Essentially, I want a product like this but with a focus on eco-friendliness.

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    Welcome to Sustainable Living! Unfortunately "shopping questions" are off-topic here because answers are usually subjective and such posts tend to become spam magnets. Perhaps you can rephrase your question and ask what makes a removable sticker sustainable/eco-friendly – THelper Jun 9 at 6:58

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