I want to keep my hands warm(er) while working on a laptop in a cold room. Would it make sense to take a polar fleece blanket, fold it in half, sew together the two edges that are perpendicular to the fold, cut a slot in the middle two thirds of the fold, use it to create a sort of "enclosure" covering hands, mouse and keyboard with an open slot facing me?

Same question with one of those hot/cold insulated shopping bags, or other similar things.

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I use a pair of wool fingerless gloves. They don't impair dexterity and even though they leave fingers exposed they cover enough that my entire hands remain comfortable.


One problem with using such "blanket" as you describe is that it can also insulate the keyboard. If you are using a desktop computer that may be okay, but it you are using a laptop computer you risk overheating the computer through insulating it and also possibly restricting or blocking the exhaust vent for the computer.

Like Jean-Paul Calderone states, fingerless gloves are a better alternative.


Put your hands under the laptop, laptops dispose of waste heat with their fan systems It's very warm. Another trick, microwave a mug of water til it boils then seal plastic wrap so it cant spill.......instant hand warmer

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