I've got a new EPEver 30a MPPT solar controller and single 320 watt 40v solar panel connected 4 feet away with 12awg wire. Very simple van setup my battery is a single 12v deep cycle 115AH.

Note: The oversized panel is basically to allow use of fans, TV and charging during daylight hours and also to get more watts on cloudy days and in shade and not so much for charging a battery up.

In morning cloudy skies in Florida in October at 10am I was reading:

PV in: 30v, 6.5a, .6kwh. (note my battery was reading 13v)

How many watts is my solar producing at the above reading? (6.5 x 30v = 185w) or (6.5 x 12v = 78w) and How is .6kwh (600wh) possible or true?

  • To understand if 600 Wh is possible, you'd need to know the time period over which this measurement is recorded. Is this on the display, or perhaps in the charger documentation? – LShaver Oct 23 '20 at 18:05
  • Yes from display .. seems historic. EPEVER 3210AN. epsolarpv.com/upload/file/1811/Tracer-AN-SMS-EL-V1.0.pdf – Hell.Bent Oct 23 '20 at 20:58
  • I'm just wondering about the 6.5amp.. is that based on 30v or 12v? I use have a 100watt solar panel that would get to 5.5amps and reported 19v, but that was not on an mppt controller. Not clear if the amps is based on the volts in. – Hell.Bent Oct 23 '20 at 21:04

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