Are there an online resources about brands or outlets? Are there certifications?

Wikipedia refers to a 2014 Rank a Brand report about the sustainability of global electronics brands in general.

I wonder if more granular information exists, especially about products in what Rank a Brand labels the "A" range?

The report mentions the Fairphone. I wonder how to find out about similar products, such as toys, toasters, etc. that have recycled and reused components, and that can be repaired.

  • Note: the index they apply is quite a borad definition of 'sustainability'. Also the Fairphone was established in 2013, bit strange to talk about an electronics device sustainability in a report 1 year later. I mean: 2014 I owned a functioning Nokia phone which at that point was probably 10 years old, replaced battery just once. Afaic (ignoring possibly bad labour conditons) that's quite sustainable in the sense that longlasting = less labour, less materials to source and less waste. So even if another device outranks it, what does that mean should it last only a couple of years?
    – stijn
    Commented Dec 28, 2020 at 15:46

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Some resources that I know of:

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