How do I convert MTCE/ton to MTCO2E/metric ton? Should I multiply it by 1.1 (ton to metric ton) and then by 3.67 (MTCE to MTCO2E)? For example, take a look at Exhibit ES5 here. Recycling aluminum cans, it says, saves 3.71 MTCE/ton. Is it 15 in MTCO2E/metric ton?

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To convert from MTCE to MTCO2E, divide by 12/44

The difference between MTCE and MTCO2E is a function of the number of carbon atoms in each molecule of the greenhouse gases included in the inventory. There's a note on page five of the report that explains this (emphasis added):

In this report, emissions of CO2, CH4, N2O, and PFCs have been converted to their “carbon equivalents.” Because CO2 is 12/44 carbon by weight, 1 metric ton of CO2 is equal to 12/44 or 0.27 metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCE). The MTCE value for 1 metric ton of each of the other gases is determined by multiplying its GWP by a factor of 12/44. (All data provided here are from the IPCC, Climate Change 1995: The Science of Climate Change, 1996, p. 121.)

To convert from short ton to metric ton, multiply by 1000/907.18474

Per Wikipedia, a short ton is equivalent to 907.18474 kg.

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