I live in the Pacific Northwest which has seen some serious heat waves this summer, so now I'm looking for more ways to keep cool. Aside from air-conditioning, I'm interested in passive techniques to improve indoor comfort, so I am considering the possibility of adding of insulating window films on some south-facing windows to reduce indoor daytime temperatures in the summer.

But I am living as a renter in a single-family detached home, which means I'm not supposed to make any permanent changes, especially to the outside of the house. That means I can only install window films if I'm sure it's possible to remove them later on.

So is it possible to fully remove a window film after it has been installed for years, or is it permanently attached to the window? If removal is attempted, does it leave a trace or residue on the window?

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Window film can be removed, but it takes some effort.

The film needs to be softened with ammonia, heated with a blow dryer & carefully peeled from the one of the corners. A razor blade could be useful.

After the film has been removed the window needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the adhesive.

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