How can we, as consumers, persuade manufacturers to make their products more sustainable?

The only things I've come up with (and try to do myself)

  1. Buy the most sustainable version of products. The idea is that if enough people do this, manufacturers will notice a change in demand and adjust their method of production.
  2. Publish information about manufacturers, shops, restaurants etc. that strive to make sustainable products, or that do just the opposite, in the hope that other people will read and act upon that information.
  3. Sign petitions drawn up by organisations like Greenpeace, for example, to protest against the use of non-sustainable materials (e.g. chemicals used to produce cotton for clothing)

Is there any proof that these methods work? Does anyone have a better alternative?


An award should be made with a logo. It could be given by a committee to a product and it would entitle the producer to put that logo on that product. In my country (Hungary) there was a similar award in the '80s, named "forum of excellent products". It had a triangle like logo.

forum of excellent products

  • Nice idea. This is how most organic and fair trade labels work, but setting something up like this is not for the average consumer. – THelper Jan 31 '13 at 12:25

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