We (my family) consume good amounts of bacon which produce a lot of bacon grease. I don't like wasting anything that I could reuse or repurpose, including this.
I use this byproduct in many different ways, including:

  • cooking. Filtered it can be used in cooking other foods or greasing the pans.
  • pet food. Mixed with other foods, it is a good addition to the animals' diet.
  • lubricant. Good for certain tools, or snow sleds.
  • candles. Good source of light while camping or in the back yard.

I'd like to find out more uses, if any, of this "unwanted" byproduct, the bacon grease.

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You can also "wash" the grease to remove meat bits and smoke flavor and use it for soapmaking. Even if you can't get all the smoke scent out, bacon-scented anything is in style these days, so the bars might still make good gifts. ;-)

Here is a link to a process for rendering tallow that should also work for bacon grease. The basic process works by placing the grease into a pot (crockpots work especially well) and covering it with enough water to submerge the fat chunks or grease. Let it cook on low for a time, cool it off, lift the fat from the top of the pan, pour out the remaining water and meat bits, and repeat until you get a product that's clean enough for your uses.

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