I have seen many different designs for bell siphons. I was wondering if there was one specific type of bell siphon that is generally known to be the best design. ...the most kinks worked out of it.

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So far the best over all design I have seen is provided by Affnan, Rob Torcellini, and TCLynx. Affnan has expanded on Murray Hallam's original design using a venturi on the internal stand pipe to create better suction. Rob introduced a j tube set up under the tank connected to the stand pipe to create additional back pressure - which once broken also expands on the total suction. And TCLynx adds another tidbit of great information: make sure your drain pipe is a larger diameter than your input pipe.


All of these tidbits allow for a slow fill and fast drain but in a manner that drastically reduces the cost of ownership to keep these systems moving.

Update This link has newer/better details: http://affnan-aquaponics.blogspot.com/2011/04/mini-siphon-improving-previous-design.html

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