I'm currently building a food forest that I plan to gate in to protect animals. What type/breed of animals should I look into for keeping the forest floor clean?

  • What kind of fencing do you have? Where is your area, what zone USDA are you for plants? Are you Urban, suburban or rural...or wilderness? What is the plant association of your area? Check with cooperative extension services with you closest University. Keeping the forest floor clean? What do you mean? NO VEGETATION? You do realise that FORESTS take thousands of years to build and everything living is all connected? To imagine making a forest in one's back yard is sorta kinda a high order to make. Please let us know ALL details you are able to discern. – stormy Jul 2 '16 at 0:31
  • 1. thinking chicken wire 2. 4a 3. rural suburbs 5. catalog ordered rare plants 6. isn't that what animals are for? 6. as the forest grows up it will need stewards to keep the grass, and stuff we don't want down. 7. a food forest is where someone plants a lot of trees with the main purpose of providing food. 8. I do know that in a normal forest everything is connected, and over time these trees will interlock, but need space to grow first with things keeping it easily walked in. – a coder Jul 2 '16 at 2:09
  • Why not a vegetable garden? Far more effective and producing? I have perennials as well as area for the annuals. Waiting for trees to produce is mind boggling...well, how old are you? Grins! Space to grow with what you've told me your space is and your list is not ever going to produce food for you for 10 years. Rare plants...is a huge task even top gardeners would not do...for a reason. Lots and lots of work and nothing except a wonderful forest grove to enjoy for your efforts. Vegetable gardens are tough enough to learn to do effectively, you are biting off an awful lot to chew... – stormy Jul 2 '16 at 18:47
  • veggies are cheap. – a coder Jul 2 '16 at 18:57
  • Some comments here assume too many things, like the OP being in the US, not having access to an existing forest etc. Also, the commenters need to research food forests. It's not about the trees producing food alone. Point missed. The OP on the other hand, needs to provide more information. I can never see 'food forest' without thinking Geoff Lawton. Look him up, his courses and videos are a great place to start when you have something to start from. – Marlon van der Linde 3 hours ago

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