I am pursuing a science project involving wind power, and am looking for some data on wind speeds, directions, and ideally turbulence and shear.

Do you know where I could find this? I would need to be able to download a file of this data that can be used in the programming language MATLAB.

So far I have found these two sources:

Do you think these would suit my purpose? I am trying to predict wind turbine energy output based on speed, direction, and/or turbulence and shear.


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There are lots of possible data sources. It will depend on the years you want, the geographic area you want, and the spatial and temporal resolution you want.

This is quite a large, well-established field. The best thing to do will be to read the existing literature, work out what's already been done, see what datasets your peers are using, and build on it.

Here's a long list of climate data (4 pages worth), I'll note that MERRA is pretty popular for this purpose at the moment, and here are some recent relevant papers:

And do check out other relevant papers by those authors - Brayshaw, Cannon, Clack, Coker, Sharp, Staffell in particular - and the papers they cite.

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