I was shopping and as a trial, I bought a talcum powder in a tin container instead of the usual ones that comes packaged in a plastic box. The material looks like a tin, although one cannot tell from the image:

Yardley Gold Talcum Power Tin

Are the tins more sustainable than the plastic boxes ? I did read this question on tin containers .vs. tetrapak, though not a direct comparison with plastic.

I watched the famous video clip called Story of Stuff recently and it compounded my question. If we were to include the total upstream cost of the packaging, it looks like a tin container may be more costly (from an environmental view). That's why I have this question.

If it helps for the context, I live in small Indian town, where there are very few choices for responsible waste disposal, except the local scrap shop, who I hope segregates well. Or, if I submit well-segregated waste, at least he won't mix it with unsegregated ones.

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