How would I compensate 250 tons of CO₂ emissions that I've created in my life? Is there a sustainable way?

I know trees can absorb a lot of CO₂, but once they die, the absorbed CO₂ is back in the cycle.

Please try to avoid answers which refer to current lifestyle or habits.

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    Not all carbon goes back into the atmosphere when a tree dies, otherwise we wouldn't have coal, oil and gas deposits underground. I'm not sure what percentage of a tree ends up permanently stored underground though... – Highly Irregular Jan 28 '18 at 1:47

Each offset program is problematic in its own way. We can't (feasibly) put carbon back; we can only try to store away what's already out there, or give more people more options to develop without hydrocarbons.

Consider giving to organizations that protect forests and other natural areas to preserve existing trees through policy action or by buying land, especially in places like the Amazon.

If you don't like reforestation, there are companies that take offset money and use it to set up small-scale windmill/hydro/methane systems in developing countries. The goal is to ensure people have access to power without using hydrocarbons. Of course, you have to be sure the governance is good and that the money is going where you think it is.

There's no such thing as a true "offset;" any action can try and reduce future emissions, via saving a tree or offering someone renewable power, but you can't really take back your carbon.

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