My wife and I have a bunch of random broken things from our previous lives that we're trying to get rid of correctly.

One of them is a few left over soda stream canisters.

Many recycling centers in NSW at least don't seem to take on gas canisters.

Is there a place in Australia (preferably in Sydney) that would recycle these or dispose of them correctly?

  • Ask on a fish keepers or planted tank Forum. They like to do CO2 injection to help plant growth. They might even pay you for them. – Graham Chiu Apr 8 '18 at 0:26

SodaStream gas cylinders don't have anything in them except carbon dioxide. One way or the other that's going into the atmosphere — it's not getting reclaimed.

Just bleed the CO₂ out of the top of the cylinder by pushing it down against a concrete paver or something hard and rough. Then, when it's empty, unscrew the valve or drive a large nail through the side of it so it can't be re-pressurised. From that point on it's nothing but harmless scrap metal — put it in your recycle bin.

Once-upon-a-time you could get a refund for these things (the princely sum of AU$1), but I believe they shut that program down about four years ago.

Having said all that, the cylinders are solidly built and are tested to 250 bar. If you're a bit of a hacker you can empty it, swap out the valve, and do some cool things with it at much lower pressures (e.g. brew beer, nerf gun, spud launcher, toroidal vortex air cannon). Those cylinders really are worth the tens of dollars you paid for them.

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