Does anyone know what to do with these containers?

Even though some of them are labelled "#3 Please recycle this container" I'm quite sure they can't be put with mixed paper or cardboard recycling because of the food bits and residual oils on them.

I'm pretty sure they aren't made with any plastic because it was easy to tear like paper or cardboard. I also used the "fire test" and found that it burns instead of melting, though the flame quickly went out.

Could they be compostable? They have a waxy lining. Are all waxes safe for compost?

a waxy cardboard box covered in food residue and viewed from two angles

I'm located in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia if it makes a difference.

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The City of Vancouver’s Waste Wizard says put them in the green bin. They also have a hotline you can call. Why wait for an answer here?enter image description here

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