I'm thinking that it would be useful to have a pellet mill at home to turn biowaste into fuel pellets. It would be nice to turn sawdust and wood shavings into fuel pellets as well but that I think is a different ball game as it requires much greater ability to grind and extrude the wood, and heat it to fuse the lignin so that the pellets stay coherent.

So, are the food pellet machines suitable for making biofuel pellets?

  • I was thinking you might user wood chips instead of wood pellets. It is explained here why pellets are better. Reasons exposed do not necessarily apply to your case, and one of them suggest that you should add drying the waste to the process you are thinking of. – J. Chomel Aug 3 at 11:45
  • Wood pellets are not sustainable the way they are produced in many parts of the world. – Graham Chiu Aug 3 at 12:15
  • What biowaste? – Jan Doggen Aug 7 at 14:17
  • Coffee grounds for example – Graham Chiu Aug 7 at 15:11

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