When it comes to quick and temporary labeling of bins and storage things, a strip of tape written on can be very useful. Painters tape, masking tape, duct tape are all occasionally used for this purpose. My question is, which tape has the least environmental impact to use? The criteria I'd gauge that by is which has the least embodied energy (emergy) and the least toxicity upon disposal?

For example, it seems safe to say that duct tape has higher emergy than painter's tape since it is thicker, stickier, meant for more heavy-duty applications, sometimes more complex construction (with a plastic fiber grid to increase strength). For many of those same reasons I also presume duct tape has higher toxicity upon disposal (whether in a landfill or incinerator). Therefore - all else equal - painter's tape is the more environmentally friendly option compared to duct tape.

Is painter's tape the answer, or which is the most environmentally friendly tape to use for something like a semi-permanent label on a bin?

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