For a while now I would like to plant sunflowers in my garden that actually give seeds. After some visits in some department stores and looking online I realized most sunflowers nowadays are for decoration only and don't actually produce any useful seeds.

As the weather is getting warmer I should plant them in the next weeks. What should I consider when buying the seeds and which kind of sunflower gives good amounts and quality?

Thank you

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    What kind of seeds? Animal forage, oil, human consumption, re-planting, etc... – Jean-Paul Calderone Apr 10 at 17:03
  • Well, if you have information about all of these factors I'd be glad if you can share – Qohelet Apr 11 at 8:55
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    Can you explain why you've posted this here and not in Gardening SE? What is the relationship with sustainability? Perhaps this answer helps? For better answers tailored to your needs it would be helpful if you add what you intent to do with the seeds. – THelper Apr 11 at 9:39
  • @THelper - as I wasn't thinking much of which ways the seeds could be used for (I would have used them for bread) I was mostly focusing on gaining more information in general about sunflower seeds. I posted it here in order to learn more about the topic itself. For now I'm even more interested which sunflowers are used for which purposes – Qohelet Apr 12 at 8:10

This answer may depend on your locality. Master Gardeners is an organization that will have what you need, especially if you are looking for general info. They provide individualized answers as well and often have events/meetups for extended discussion.


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