I just got a load of LED grow light tubes - they have mains connectors that use clover shaped plugs -- very much like a lot of laptop chargers use, but just a bit smaller.

There is no label on the plugs, does anyone know what their name/id is so I can get some longer leads?

  • Can you provide a picture or a link to the listing where you bought them?
    – LShaver
    May 8 '19 at 18:19
  • @LShaver thanks for taking the time to respond - I tracked them down (answer added)... My microgreens are going to be very happy... I just need to monitor the power consumption so I can then work out how many solar panels I'll need to run them.
    – pperrin
    May 10 '19 at 21:43

Apparently they are specialist lighting plugs (sheesh, yet another 'standard'!) and generally referred to as T5 or T8 connectors. T5 and T8 actually being a reference to the size/diameter of old school florescent tubes(!).

I chopped the end off a different old lead, and soldered the wires into the end of connector like the one in the pic, and finished it with electrical tape!

enter image description here

I hadn't found them because I was looking at the 'C' series of connectors (C5 being the 'mickey mouse' connector that is very similar, very, very common - but bigger...) enter image description here

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