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Alchohol to remove ozone from air

Wildfire smoke can be removed by HEPA filters, but not ozone. Ozone is highly toxic. Levels of 0.1ppm are harmful and it has disinfectant properties at only 0.3 ppm. 5ppm is lethal over 4 hours (more ...
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Propane vs. natural gas stove - indoor air quality?

I've seen plenty of articles about gas stoves and the impact on indoor air quality. Specifically, there are reports of much higher CO2, NOx, PM 2.5 particulates, and formaldehyde, relative to electric ...
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Does a single Euro VI bus really release less NOx than a euro 6 diesel car?

A transport expert claimed that a Euro 6 car has fewer NOx emissions than a Euro VI bus, surely this cannot be correct?! Euro 6b (diesel car) -...
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In what type of location is it likely to find larger or smaller amounts of ozone?

I've been looking at some air quality monitoring results for ozone and trying to understand why there is such difference between locations. Near busy roads, the sea, near factories? I am quite ...
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How effective is a Smoke Control Area at reducing particulates? (UK)

Smoke Control Areas are in place in 195 out of 434 local authorities. 53 of those cover the entire local authority. Smoke Control Areas make it illegal to burn coal and other smokey fuels and ...
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How can I deodorize a school bathroom without using naphthalene?

I've started teaching at a school in Indonesia and found an arch-enemy of mine: naphthalene. People here use huge quantities in our flush toilets to suppress the smell. I made the principals remove ...
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