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more sustainable alternative for a particular product or activity

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16 votes
6 answers

Are there any more sustainable alternatives to conventional commercial toothpaste?

Are there any sustainable (and useful) alternatives to toothpaste? I've tried so far this kind of tooth tabs and I'm also aware of the existence of tooth powder but I haven't tried it yet. I liked ...
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Alternative to Toilet Paper?

Are there any sustainable alternatives for toilet paper? This could either be done by recycled paper (if such exists), but perhaps some other creative solution could be interesting.
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5 answers

Alternatives to garbage plastic bags

I currently use plastic garbage bags in the kitchen. I would like (if possible) to use something plastic free, as hygienic as the usual plastic bag and easily obtainable in Europe. Is there any ...
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What are the natural alternatives for toothpaste? [duplicate]

According to culture and countries, people must have using alternatives for toothpastes. What all things can be used as effective alternatives for tooth cleaning and whitening? For example, in ...
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Solution To Cat Litter

I have a cat that is fixed and fully de-clawed. It is strictly an inside cat only and never goes outside. I buy regular cat litter from the store frequently. I would like to find an alternative. I ...
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How do word processing on a laptop and writing with pen and paper stack up sustainability-wise?

I suddenly had to write a packing list for a trip I'm going to make (a really sustainable one), scribbling it off the top of my head while it was on my mind. I had the choice of writing the list with ...
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Are there petroleum products which do not have practical alternative sources?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, about 23 L (13%) out of every barrel of oil is turned into "other products": The other 150 L or so is turned into things which are burned ...
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Would choosing coffee alternatives reduce deforestation? What is the deforestation rate associated with the coffee industry?

The new CNN Business video This startup is making coffee...without coffee beans describes a recent entry into the coffee alternative market. They use no coffee beans and start with date pits, ...
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Rocket Mass Heater Build

I'm getting ready to build my first rocket mass heater. I have access to free quartz stone and granite. Could I use this type of material to build my "J Tube" instead of fire brick? Not really sure if ...
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