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Will this work to prevent my pipes from freezing?

I live in an apartment in the US midwest, and during the winter my pipes freeze unless I trickle my faucet. I think that the point at which it freezes is in a difficult-to-access exterior wall on the ...
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Most efficient cheap heating system for small apartment in the US midwest?

I live in the US Midwest and am looking to upgrade from my current old baseboard heaters to a more energy-efficient solution. Any ideas? I am already well advanced on a parallel project of home ...
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Any problem with storing compost in a sealed container for several weeks? Alternatives?

I live in a second floor apartment with a small balcony. In my kitchen I have a small vented container where I place kitchen scraps as I'm preparing food -- like this: About once a week when this ...
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Is it absolutely necessary to agitate/rotate a compost bin?

I live in a small apartment with limited space (there is a small outdoor patio). I want to start using a compost bin, but all the models I've found are quite large and seem to include mechanisms for ...
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Low-cost solar energy alternatives to power a single appliance in an apartment?

I'm searching for information on solar energy alternatives that are accessible to people like me without having to break the budget. For example, I live in an apartment with a rooftop, and I want to ...
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Good alternatives to a fuel oil heating system in an apartment block

I live in a building of 8 apartments, in Belgium. We share a communal fuel oil boiler in the basement to provide hot water and heat. For the latter, each apartment has radiators through which a hot ...
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Is there a portable water recycling unit?

Is there a portable water recycling unit that one could install in their studio apartment to recycle grey water ? Or which is the smallest grey water recycling unit ? And can't someone just pass the ...
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Is it possible to reuse grey water in an apartment?

Is it possible to reuse greywater in an apartment, in which you can't modify the plumbing? Seems like it would be better to water plants with greywater than using fresh water.
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How can I get my landlord to install better insulation?

We live in an apartment that has a lot of gaps in the doors and windows and poor insulation in the walls. Is there a way to make the landlord fix this? Some sort of property codes or something? He ...
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How to incorporate browns in apartment food scrap compost?

I want to start composting my food scraps, however I want to make sure I have a good mix of browns and greens to minimize odors. I live in an apartment, so I don't have any soil, leaves or other yard ...
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What to do with wood ash?

I have a wood burning fireplace which I use on occasion, and I have a decent amount of wood ash each time I have a fire. How can I dispose of the wood ash without just throwing it in the trash? I live ...
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How can I be more energy efficient in an apartment?

Usually when I see lists of things to do to be more energy efficient, they require one to own their own home. What can I do to be more energy efficient in an apartment? For example, I can't install ...
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How can I cultivate mycelium for food and fertilizer in my apartment?

Having watched Paul Stamet's TED Talk, Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World, I'd like to be able to cultivate mycelium in an urban environment. I would like to harvest it for food I don't have a ...
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Indoor tilapia aquaponic farm in condo/apartment?

Are there problems with an aquaponic tilapia farm for a condo/apartment living space? Is this sustainable and safe? I'm thinking there might be problems with humidity/mold and possible water pump ...
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