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How much more sustianable is breastfeeding than formula feeding?

Today, breastfeeding is recommended for all newborns due to the health benefits for both the infant and the mother. In addition to health benefits, it is cheaper than formula feeding, and once ...
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Is there a recent life cycle analysis for cloth diaper and for disposable diaper?

I am looking for specific studies on the life cycle of cloth diaper versus disposable diaper. The municipality I work for wants to establish a compensation program for parents who want to choose a ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Sustainable diapers?

I'm looking for a sustainable overnight (read: long lasting, high-absorbancy) diaper for my 3yo daughter. She has been cloth diapered since she was a newborn, but now I just can't find an overnight ...
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Tissues or cloth to clean a baby - what's more sustainable?

We have a baby and use tissues often to wipe him after feeding, cleaning his nose etc. The alternative would be to use cloth and wash it on a regular basis. My gut feeling is that cloth is more ...
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Reusable vs. disposable diapers: which is better?

My wife and I have been using reusable diapers for our two kids. We've made them from old curtains, old bedsheets, etc., pretty much all "recycled" materials. They've been working perfectly fine, but ...
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