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Biomass: Digestor/Reactor vs Gasifier Efficiency

When using biomass for energy, two popular options are reactors and gasifiers. The first uses anaerobic micro organisms to convert the biomass to fertilizer and a methane rich gas mixture. The second ...
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Which is best for dealing with food waste -- composting or a biogas digester?

Let's say I have the option to send my food scraps to either a composting site, or a biogas digester. Both are industrial scale, following best practices. The output from each is high quality and ...
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What percentage of waste food is turned into electricity and/or biogas?

Food waste is a big problem in the U.S. and (presumably) many other parts of the world as well. From Scientific American: According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Loss Project, we ...
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What are the Energy Return on Investment (EROI) values like for biogas?

Biogas seems to be a really great idea but I'm wondering how much energy you get out vs. what you need to put in. I know natural gas is around 10.0 and I was wondering how biogas stacks up by this ...
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How can I separate carbon monoxide from wood gas?

I am thinking about using open source wiki designs from allpowerlabs to construct a wood gas generator. The motivation came from experiencing a 10 day power outage after super storm Sandy. The ...
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Can a household's organic waste alone produce enough methane for its own space heating?

If a household puts all its organic waste, from both the kitchen and the bathroom, into a biodigester, will it produce enough methane for the household's space heating in a low -25 °C to high -15 °C ...
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Sustainability of waste incineration vs biofuel/biogas?

Should I encourage my neighbors to send their food waste to a biogas plant instead of the current incineration facility? I have Googled around and it does not seem like it is clear that it is better ...
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Is it worthwhile to collect leaves that fall in autumn from trees for biogas production?

I observe every year in autumn that fallen leaves are piled and left to rot. Assuming there are biogas facilities (say within 10 miles) is there some reason to not ferment the leaves? Is the energy ...
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Where can I find a detailed technical description of a system to use Biogas as a Vehicle fuel?

It is basically possible to upgrade Biogas to something very close to natural gas, and then use it to replace said gas. Biogas to grid is a mature technology now, with about 100 active plants in ...
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Is it possible to carry out large-scale seaweed cultivation for biomass / biofuel production?

Various forms of biomass, biofuel and biogas production are already in operation: wood waste, ethanol from sugar cane, primary wood (willow, poplar, pine), miscanthus, anaerobic digestion of organic ...
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Is there any cold-resistant anaerobic bacteria for biodigestion?

After trying and failing batch domestic anaerobic digestion in Kathmandu at its coldest (December, January), a biogas expert observed our system and explained the bacteria could not operate because of ...
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