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Is using multiple MPPT controllers with a solar panels array, to mitigate effect of shadows a myth?

So my installation is for a sail boat. There's a lot things like rigging sails etc, that can create shadows on part of the array and this is constantly moving around. Some panels in the array will ...
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Environmental concerns of a plastic bottle boat?

Having found several images of boats constructed primarily of plastic bottles, the boy scout within me was interested by the idea. However, I know that plastic bottles biodegrade in sunlight, and the ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What are the power requirements for typical water desalinization devices?

I'm interested in marine desalinization. Most every device I have seen this far is some fossil-fuel driven high pressure pump. Are there electric ones? Is high pressure even that necessary to ...
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Building a boat - out of recyclables [closed]

Looking for ideas to make a boat out of mostly recycled material. Two idea's that come to mind is cardboard and use weather sealer on it, and caulking the edges or plastic bottles, jugs, and the like ...
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How to make a fully reused/reusable plastic bottle raft?

"Recycle" is the last in reduce-reuse-recycle triad, and though it's an obvious choice for plastic bottles, there are ways to make the most of every bottle. I drink from every bottle for some time and ...
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