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Is there a business model to do carpentry without a vehicle?

I'm currently a co-owner of a small renovations contractor in a small city (~50k) in northern Wisconsin. My equipment consists of a 7x14' trailer full of tools, large diesel truck, and minivan. All ...
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Meta-campaigns for sustainable building management?

(Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this. I considered politics--maybe that is better.) I have seen various groups that try to set up small campaigns targeted at individual organizations to ...
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Is residential water pumping common?

Is it common for people on city water in the US to have their own on-site pumping as part of the "standard" delivery system, or is the pressure usually entirely supplied by the municipal ...
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How much coil do I need to heat a given length of pipe (as a function of x,y,z)?

I'm imagining heating some water pipes using heating coils similar to these. Under various conditions, would I need to apply almost continuous lengths of heating coil to the entire length of pipe? Or ...
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2 votes
4 answers

How can an architect design a building to reduce landfill usage by occupants?

I'm currently working on a project with an organization that has four major goals for all of their facilities: Reduced energy usage Increased solar energy use Reduced water consumption Reduced ...
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Using glass bottles in walls of buildings [duplicate]

I have seen pictures of homes and buildings in dry climates were they have used glass bottles in the walls with what looks like either concrete or mud. Is this just for aesthetics? Do they provide ...
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6 votes
3 answers

What techniques or solutions are available for reducing heat absorption by walls?

I live in tropical region. Have pretty hot summers (44 degree C). The question is regarding houses built with brick and mortar (walls) and reinforced concrete flat roofs. In this forum I have come ...
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27 votes
19 answers

Prevent concrete roof from absorbing too much heat during summer

I live in India where most of the building roofs are made of concrete. In summer during night, the roof emits too much of heat that were absorbed during day time. I was aware of the options like ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What are some ways to affordably furnish a temporary apartment?

I will be living in an unfurnished apartment for my final year of college. I'm a pretty handy guy with access to power tools and experience with designing my own basic (cheap) furniture. However, I'd ...
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Is building vertically instead of horizontally in climate with large seasonal temperature changes more sustainable?

My main line of thinking would be that you would build tall skinny housing that would allow the heat to gather in the upper levels in the winter and the cooler air would gather in the basement/lowest ...
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4 answers

Retrofitting insulation in a 4-storey home. Top down or bottom up?

I'm faced with the prospect of wanting to improve the insulation of a 4-storey Victorian (c1890) house in the UK that has solid stone walls and a top floor that is within the non-insulated roof space. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to save heating energy with roommates?

I live with roommates, and am only a renter not owner. I'm looking for ways to help with energy conservation despite this. We have one roommate who is wasteful about leaving lights on and, in ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Should payback periods take the time value of money into account?

I am currently reviewing a paper estimating the payback period for different building renovation strategies. The calculations I see typically go something like this: you pay (say) USD 3000 today, ...
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3 answers

Want to build a portable solar refrigerator

I've got a 5v Peltier chip. What kind of and how many solar cells 4.5v 18mA do I need per 1 chip? I found these cells online on dealextreme, but there are also other different types. I'm lacking a ...
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Is there a sustainable binding agent for 3D printing with wood pulp?

Recently someone developed some filament for 3d printers that contains about 40% wood pulp and 60% plastic. Could it be possible to print with wood pulp without the plastic mixed in? (Either without ...
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71 votes
10 answers

What is an energy efficient way to get fresh air indoors during winter?

Letting some fresh air inside is always a good idea, but during the winter it seems a bit wasteful to fling open the window and let the fresh air in at the expense of all that hot air going out, and ...
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