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Questions tagged [carbon-footprint]

a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly and indirectly by a person, an organisation, an event or a product.

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7 answers

Lowest impact transatlantic crossing

What is the lowest-impact regular¹ method to cross the Atlantic Ocean? Specifically, which method has the lowest carbon dioxide equivalent emission per passenger-kilometre? I'm aware there are other ...
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What has a lesser carbon footprint? Continue to drive my current car until it is no longer useful or to buy a new car?

I have 2003 Honda Accord. It gets ~20 MPG CITY (8.5 km/liter). I'm trying to figure out if it is more sustainable in the long run to: continue to drive the Accord until it dies (it's still in great ...
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What life-style decision can I make to reduce my carbon footprint most efficiently?

I'm interested in the sustainability, especially the carbon footprint, of life-style decisions regarding: transportation (i.e. get an electric car, use bike and public transport) dietary: going ...
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Why does cheese have such a high carbon footprint?

(Source of information here) As you can see, cheese has the third highest carbon footprint. Only beef and lamb have a higher footprint. Several other sources (such as this) corroborate this. Why is ...
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17 votes
2 answers

What’s the carbon footprint of an email?

E-mail is often regarded as cheap and more environmentally friendly than paper. But is this really the case? I suspect that loads more emails are sent nowadays than paper letters were sent before the ...
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How do I determine what my biggest personal impact on global warming is?

This question is basically a follow-up question on something EnergyNumbers mentioned in his answer to this now closed question. He wrote that together, our impact (on fighting global warming) can ...
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4 answers

What is more sustainable, using a mechanical pencil or a pen?

I was considering to use the same device for writing from now on and I was considering two alternatives: a mechanical pencil or some kind of refillable pen. Which of these two options is more ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Offsetting with Solar, over what period do you measure the carbon offset

I'm looking to offset the carbon footprint of my wedding. I'd like to do it by helping out some local community solar projects. I've calculated that the wedding's footprint will be about 23,000 kg ...
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How can I make my family understand my CO2-emissions-related hesitation to fly in order to spend time with them?

I live in another country, approximately 2000 miles away from my family. Now, my parents have really hard time understanding the kind of personal sacrifices which are necessary to keep the world a ...
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How much wood can I burn sustainably, carbon neutral and in an ecologically responsible way from a forest?

While wood can - in theory - be a carbon neutral fuel, in practice burning wood creates a huge carbon debt and it may take a long time for all the carbon released by logging, soil degradation and so ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How much CO2 do I cause with one Google search?

Is there any data about the CO2 emissions per individual Google search? Or are there none because Google is moving towards 100% renewable energy supply? Scope: Just the search query, no lifetime ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How much could the US reduce its electricity demand if people moved from Texas back to Ohio?

I have a theory that I am trying to develop empirical support for. I believe that the migration of people from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt has caused an increase in overall electricity usage and ...
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What is the carbon footprint of pet food?

Are there any detailed studies of the carbon footprint of pet food production? There are plenty of articles asserting that meat in cat and dog food is a major source of carbon emissions (e.g. from ...
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WTW versus LCA approach in carbon footprint calculations?

I recently did some carbon footprint calculations for the organization I work for. I used conversion factors I found at the Dutch CO2 emission factors website. This website lists standard emission ...
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