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Impact of ash from barbecue on compost heap

I wonder of the impact ash (probably combined with still existing coal) might have to compost. I know that coal is used to clean water and air. But does it improve compost or does it reduce activities ...
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Why aren't all nuclear plants running at their full installed power to decrease emissions?

Looking at the electricity map I can see that many countries operating nuclear power plants are not running them at their full installed power, e.g.: Sweden: 5.54 GW of 9.10 GW capacity France: 38.00 ...
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Are crypto currencies sustainable?

Except generating a different kind of "money value", what is the sustainable value of crypto currencies compared to the energy consumed to generate them? Compared to currencies working with ...
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Does a short-term shut down of a coal plant cause more CO2 emissions than keeping it running?

According to this article from Reuters, it takes up to eight hours for a coal plant to reach maximum generation. This means that four up to eight hours after it starts up, the plant is burning coal at ...
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What is marginal energy?

I answered to a question and used the term "marginal energy". The answer wasn't understood by all, so I'm going to expand on the term to illustrate how it works. So, what is marginal energy?
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Shortcut carbon emission trading by buying and sinking coal

Carbon emission trading is supposed to use market mechanisms to make carbon-intense processes less attractive. Unfortunately, the EU market is flooded with emission certificates, such that the ...
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What do we do with all the coal mines?

Coal is going to be the first victim of the green energy revolution as the least sustainable kind of fossil fuel. What do we do with all the mines, both surface and underground ones? You can do quite ...
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