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Would choosing coffee alternatives reduce deforestation? What is the deforestation rate associated with the coffee industry?

The new CNN Business video This startup is making coffee...without coffee beans describes a recent entry into the coffee alternative market. They use no coffee beans and start with date pits, ...
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Did any country, city, or village implement a coffee separate collection with success?

Coffee is a wide produced and consumed drinking all around the world. After the use, exhausted coffee filters (wet coffee powder) are a very nutrient fertilizer. This brought some people to collect ...
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Solution to zero-waste take-away cup containers?

The most common sustainable solution for soup takeaway (to-go) containers are those compostable cup and lid sets - made from plant-based plastic (PLA) lid and a paper/PLA cup. These are basically non-...
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How do UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade certifications compare?

When buying chocolate or coffee, I like to make sure that I choose the better option for farmers and the environment, especially because it always comes from countries that don't fare as well ...
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How to clean a reusable plastic coffee cup, such as KeepCup?

I've owned a KeepCup for about a year and though I clean it after use it really is starting to stink. I've tried scrubbing it with a scouring pad and detergent and leaving it to soak overnight, but ...
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How sustainable is McDonald's espresso?

In my everyday life I drink my espresso in small cafés that sell espresso made from coffee beans certified as ecological and fair trade. Exceptionally I drink espresso at McDonald's if there is no ...
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