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plastic that can degrade using biological processes in a rate consistent with other organic materials and without leaving any visible, distinguishable or toxic residue. Usually an industrial facility is needed to compost it.

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What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable plastic?

I read this and still don't fully understand the difference. Which decomposes faster? Do they mean biodegradables don't need "certain" conditions so they are good to go into a bin (or a hole ...
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What type of bin liner is best for waste heading to landfill?

I found myself recently needing to purchase something to line my waste/landfill bins with. Up until now, I've been relying on a tub of single-use plastic bags that I've collected over the years, but ...
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Throwing away compostable packaging

When I search about recycling compostable packaging I always find articles about recycling packages to the backyard pit etc. My question is not about that. I just want to throw compostable packaging ...
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Solution to zero-waste take-away cup containers?

The most common sustainable solution for soup takeaway (to-go) containers are those compostable cup and lid sets - made from plant-based plastic (PLA) lid and a paper/PLA cup. These are basically non-...
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Is it worth buying compostable dog poop bags instead of plastic if I'm going to throw them in regular trash bins? [duplicate]

I walk my dogs twice a day, pick up their poop with small disposable bags, and throw the bags in the first municipal trash bin I come across. They will presumably end up in a landfill. I previously ...
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Are single-use PurPod coffee pods from Ethical Bean made with PLA?

I'm purchasing "compostable" K-cup coffee pods from Ethical Bean (see attached photo) that work in Keurig single-serve coffee machines. According to their FAQ, these compostable pods are OK for the ...
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Freezing Ice Pops Sustainably

When storing ice pops for retail customers, I need to package them in a freezer-safe ,clear wrapping. I would like for it to be compostable, but apparently the compostable cellophane options are not ...
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Pure Plastic vs Biodegradable Plastic

I've been reading around (here, here, here and here) and I can't really find an answer to this question: is it better to throw, for example, dog poop, inside a pure plastic bag or use biodegradable ...
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How to recycle cartridges for ballpoint or rolling pens?

How can we recycle ballpoint pens or gel pens when they no longer work? Consider these scenarios: 1) Cartridge is empty. What we see now is ONLY a plastic stick with a ball point there. 2) Cartridge ...
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How does bioplastic recyclability compare with petrochemical-based plastic recyclability?

I am curious to know how recyclable bioplastics are. For example, how recyclable would a polylactic acid (PLA) cup be when compared to a conventional PET cup? Can the material go through a comparable ...
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How "heavy duty" does a compostable container need to be to hold hot food?

I am tasked with finding a compostable takeout containers for a food festival that we can use to replace thousands of styrofoam takeout containers. There are a lot of issues with convincing the ...
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How to best dispose of a plant-based 100% compostable plastic ECO-CUP?

I would like to dispose of a plastic cup: Bottom view: Markings on the cup say: 100% COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE MADE FROM 100% RENEWABLE RESOURCE ECO-CUP® Made from plant NatureWorks® Type 7 ...
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How is compostable plastic recycled/composted industrially?

I know that you need industrial facilities to compost compostable plastics within a reasonable timeframe. But how does this process work exactly? How long does it take? Is it simply a matter of doing ...
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Which compostable plastic types can be composted at home?

There often is confusion about compostable plastics (see for example this question on greenware items or this gardening question on plastic bags). 'Compostable' suggests that you can compost the ...
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Can you vermicompost biodegradable plastics?

I'm looking for a way to recycle biodegradable plastics myself and I was thinking about putting them in my wormery. Does anyone have experience with vermicomposting biodegradable plastics? Is it safe ...
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