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Doing calculations on a computer

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Best strategy for turning off computer/laptop monitors to save energy but not reduce lifespan?

When doing what's best for our planet, there are often trade-offs involved. One such trade-off can be saving energy vs. reducing lifespan of equipment (which can result in significant environmental ...
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Wind farms using advanced technology (radar, AI, tracking) to shut down wind farm turbines when risks are highest for migratory and endangered birds?

In the recent NPR Fresh Air podcast The Extraordinary Lives Of Migratory Birds Author Scott Weidensaul talks about the millions of birds flying unseen over our heads in the night sky, how the bar-...
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What darknet would you choose (or is it not justifiable)?

I want to know if there are any darknets that are sustainable. I have my doubts about Tor due to their apparent interest in Proof of Work. In ...
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2 answers

How would you calculate carbon emissions of software?

If I have a compute intensive piece of software that I optimize and I cut the compute time in half, how would I go about calculating the carbon emissions I have saved? I guess I can take the compute ...
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Are there any adverse impacts if I keep WiFi router on all time?

I searched Google only to come up with various results with different views. Is there any official or reliable source that states the impacts of keeping the WiFi router on regarding environmental ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is it better to leave your computer on?

This answer to a question on computer power use suggests that computers last longer when they are not frequently shut down. The answer is from 2014, and I do remember hearing this advice in the past. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which printer font can I use to reduce ink consumption without impacting readability?

Apparently Arial isn't a very efficient font, when it comes to ink consumption. This article claims Times New Roman is 27% more efficient. Another article claims Garamond was the most efficient font ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Is it more environmentally friendly to use laptops or desktop PCs?

I've often wondered whether it's more environmentally friendly to use a desktop or a laptop. To compare purely the electricity usage, I can of course calculate how long I leave my computer turned on, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

PNG optimization for website and environment impact

PNG images can be optimized in different ways. Reducing PNG size for websites seems to be a good choice in order to reduce bandwidth usage and data transport (and reduce the impact on environment). ...
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1 answer

Is a master's degree in computer science relevant for working in sustainable living?

I'm currently at the end of computer science bachelor and not quite sure what to do after. In a way I'd like to continue with a Master's degree and at the same time help somehow for a more eco-...
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9 votes
3 answers

What is the environmental cost of encrypting your communications?

I am concerned by people's privacy in the Internet age, and the security that communication software and services offer, which is why I try to promote encryption in different everyday activities (...
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29 votes
6 answers

Is Linux more sustainable than Windows?

One of the many advantages of GNU/Linux systems, and probably *NIX in general, is that they can run on older and lesser hardware than the children of Microsoft can, i.e. has lower "system requirements"...
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6 votes
2 answers

Is distributed computing more or less sustainable than centralised computing?

My case example is blockchain, the main technology behind bitcoin, which is more and more being studied for other uses. As far as I understand, it's great for decentralising a registry/ledger of ...
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1 answer

How do word processing on a laptop and writing with pen and paper stack up sustainability-wise?

I suddenly had to write a packing list for a trip I'm going to make (a really sustainable one), scribbling it off the top of my head while it was on my mind. I had the choice of writing the list with ...
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7 votes
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How can I change my computing hardware and software for greater sustainability?

I currently use Mac OS X on a Retina Macbook Pro. Apple is known to be quite a green company, in terms of its hardware and the power required to manufacture, sell, and market it. But I think I can do ...
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