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preparing food by use of heat.

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4 answers

Shall I boil water with a water boiler (cooker) or with a pot?

I know that when making tea it uses less energy when heating the water when using a water boiler(cooker), than when using an electrical plate. A water boiler is directly heating the water, while a ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Cooking with gas or electricity

Is it better for the environment to cook with gas or with electricity, assuming the electricity does not exclusively come from renewable sources? I am interested in a comparison for each of the ...
12 votes
3 answers

What are the key principles for designing a rocket stove?

I have some spare bricks lying around that I'm interested in using to build a rocket stove for cooking. What are the key principles I need to understand to build a rocket stove? Is there a maximum ...
5 votes
2 answers

Eco-friendly alternatives to PTFE-based (teflon) pots?

PTFE-based coating seems to be potentially harmful to humans and mortal for birds. PFOA, which is used for making teflon, persists in the environment and our bodies for long periods of time (see ...
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7 answers

Sustainable Alternative to Aluminium Foil?

As someone who uses a ton of aluminium foil (almost daily) for use in my oven as a protective/convenient layer, (and who didn't know that foil was bad for recycling...) what can I use as an ...
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2 answers

How can we reduce kitchen waste for vegetarian family?

Everyday we cook something and produce naturally decomposable wastes. For example unused chopped onions, potatos, tomatos, roots, or old food. This creates waste of 200-500 gram daily. I was thinking, ...