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1 answer

Use a broken fridge horizontally

My friend have a fridge with a broken door. Impossible to fix the door as the whole base is eaten by rust. I thought about lying the fridge horizontally and then just put the door on top of it, but ...
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Growing and harvesting rattan

I have been harvesting and processing bamboo for crafts (mainly household items) and am interested in rattan, which is more flexible than bamboo and can be used where otherwise one might use plastic ...
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12 votes
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What's a sustainable way to stain and protect wood?

What substances can I find to stain and protect wood that are produced without serious pollution and can be disposed of safely?
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Connection between crafts culture and sustainable practices? [closed]

Is there any connection between the depth of craft in a culture (meaning how common it is for lay people to engage in craft and deep traditions of craft) and the prevalence of sustainable practices / ...
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