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Would choosing coffee alternatives reduce deforestation? What is the deforestation rate associated with the coffee industry?

The new CNN Business video This startup is making coffee...without coffee beans describes a recent entry into the coffee alternative market. They use no coffee beans and start with date pits, ...
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How "green" is using wood as a material?

There are simultaneous calls for not using paper in any form because it causes deforestation, but when it comes to building and making products from wood it is considered environmentally sustainable, ...
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2 answers

Is cutting down trees and building something from them good or bad for the climate?

I still don't fully grasp the climate impact of lumbering (unless its purpose is burning the wood for energy or making space for pastures which is obviously bad). Is cutting down trees and making or ...
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How is lumbering bad for the climate?

How is lumbering bad for the climate? Don't final products still store that carbon? What do those calculations mean (example [ch. 3], methodology [ch. 4])? The report says it doesn't include in-use ...
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Why western countries do not heavily tax beef imports?

I hear that Brazil slowly but surely burns the Amazonian forests (apparently already payed for by western countries) to make room for cows and supported cultures like soybean. This is obviously bad ...
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How can an individual support mass reforestation?

There's lots of benefits and threats to forest, and given our current, pervasive, and severe ecological challenges, forests are more important than ever. However, it's not obvious what the best ...
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Is there any link between deforestation and paper use?

Or to phrase it differently: Are we, by using paper, causing any change in an overall forests area. My guess is that none of paper we use comes from deforested land. That paper industry is ...
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2 answers

What do developing nation farmers do when agribusiness stops sourcing products from deforested land?

This story about a researcher at my university included this line: recent years global retailers like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart have committed to removing beef and soy produced on deforested ...
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