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Looking for eco friendly biodegradable toilet cleaners for removing toilet rust, either home-made or commercial

The toilet rust is a very tough stain. I have tried: Vinegar alone Lemon juice Baking soda with vinegar: works a little bit I am asking for other options that are biodegradable. Please let me know ...
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Is there a sustainable agriculture certification that sees GMOs as potentially beneficial?

I keep dreaming of a certification body that has stringent and ever-evolving standards for a sustainable agriculture that looks after the environment and humans, with a rigorous but open mind when it ...
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How do I find an eco-friendly laptop?

I am looking to replace my laptop. Being in a conscious path of my own, I want to choose a laptop which is a product of good and sustainable procedures. I am saying good because most popular brands ...
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Are "eco-friendly" pens and pencils actually more sustainable than the conventional models?

There are a number of "eco-friendly" pens and pencils on the market advertising recycled content and other "green" features, but are they really as good as they look? Many standard wooden pencils use ...
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Which ecolabels take the whole life cycle of food products into account?

Many ecolabels that certify certain sustainability aspects of food products only consider a small portion of the food product's life cycle. A prominent example may be the MSC label which addresses ...
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