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a measure of how much land and ocean area is required to sustain a particular consumption pattern. This is related to, but not the same as [environmental-impact]

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Impact of various travelling options

Are there any objective resources to estimate the ecological impact of various travel alternatives? Sites like offer to calculate it, but they obviously favour trains. I've asked a question on ...
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How do I estimate my personal ecological footprint?

In 2000, I was introduced to the concept of the ecological footprint, and for the first time I realised how fundamentally unsustainable my lifestyle was. An environmental group had a small ...
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7 answers

Lowest impact transatlantic crossing

What is the lowest-impact regular¹ method to cross the Atlantic Ocean? Specifically, which method has the lowest carbon dioxide equivalent emission per passenger-kilometre? I'm aware there are other ...
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What form of electrical lighting has the smallest energy-footprint?

We all know that when it comes to household electrical lighting, LED lights consume the least amount of energy for a given amount of light, followed by fluorescent tubes, halogens, and Edison-age ...
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Reusable vs. disposable diapers: which is better?

My wife and I have been using reusable diapers for our two kids. We've made them from old curtains, old bedsheets, etc., pretty much all "recycled" materials. They've been working perfectly fine, but ...
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What is more sustainable, using a mechanical pencil or a pen?

I was considering to use the same device for writing from now on and I was considering two alternatives: a mechanical pencil or some kind of refillable pen. Which of these two options is more ...
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Where can I find conversion factors for calculating Ecological Footprints?

Does anybody openly publish conversion factors (e.g. for miles in different modes of transport, food, etc) into global hectares for ecological footprint? Global Footprint Network, so far as I can ...
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Should I use my wood fireplace?

I live in a relatively modern (built 1983) home, which has a fireplace in the living room. How should I decide if I should use the fireplace for heat, or strictly use use the natural-gas central ...
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What is the maximum sustainable population of the earth?

This question prompted by discussion regarding this answer to a question about vegetarianism. I recently came across a U.N. review of studies seeking to determine the earth's maximum sustainable ...
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One single person's equal share in the world's resources

This question has been intriguing me quite some time. While regulating my own consumption of the world's resources, I keep on wondering: With the current world population, what would be each single ...
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How would one go about judging the sustainability of BitCoin or other cryptocurrency

I know BitCoin uses a lot of electricity for its mining, but how is this comparable to the banking system? Also, other cryptocurrencies, like PeerCoin, claim to be more environmentally friendly by ...
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What is the share of global human CO2 emission of cargo transport by ship?

I had an argument how bad global economic trade flows really are. The question was in particular how bad worldwide transports on cargo vessels (containers, ...) are in terms of CO2 production as well ...
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Accounting for ecological foot print of non-renewable resources

Wikipedia defines ecological footprint as the amount of biologically productive land and sea area necessary to supply the resources a human population consumes. Which overshoot can I talk about if I ...
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