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Questions tagged [electricity]

Questions concerning the production or use of electricity in a sustainable way.

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Should a projector be turned off if it won't be used for five to ten minutes?

The conference rooms in my office have projectors mounted on the ceilings, typical of many offices. During the day, several meetings will be scheduled in the rooms, with perhaps five to ten minutes ...
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Is there any efficient and small-scale compost heat recovery(CHR) system?

I want to develop a system mainly based on compost heat recovery technology. Much research has already been in the past years and some good DIY designs established for farms to warm greenhouses. But ...
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Help me estimate my annual refrigerator power consumption from this data sheet?

I am shopping for refrigerators and looking at this model. Feel free to let me know if that's stupid. But my main question is this: I'm trying to come up with a moderately conservative power ...
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What darknet would you choose (or is it not justifiable)?

I want to know if there are any darknets that are sustainable. I have my doubts about Tor due to their apparent interest in Proof of Work. In ...
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Powering a small apartment

I recently saw a sale on EcoFlow products (in this case, an EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Starter Kit) so I decided to contiue researching ways to power up my small apartment without having a rooftop full ...
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A converter from CHAdeMO cable to CCS connector for charging EV cars

A very similar question to this one. Is there any solution available to use CHAdeMO charging cable to power EV car equipped with CCS socket? My knowledge gained so far says that there isn't anything ...
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