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Questions tagged [embodied-energy]

the sum of all energy that was spent to create an object or deliver a service

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Which car is more sustainable, an all-electric Tesla Model 3 or a gas-powered Prius?

The Toyota Prius is available as a plug-in model, but I have a Prius that is only gas-powered, that is gas is the only fuel. I am wondering if the mpgE of the Tesla, 141, is so much better than the ...
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What is the typical embodied energy of a solar photovoltaic panel?

What is the typical embodied energy of a solar photovoltaic panel, in terms of nominal power output or panel area? The ideal answer would be in kWh/WP, but kWh/m2 would also be acceptable. I ...
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Is there a "break even point" or life cycle analysis directory or calculator that's kept up to date?

I've seen plenty of one-time calculations dedicated to one specific thing (usually plastic vs metal straws, or reusable vs disposable cups) but don't know of any organizations or even blogs that ...
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More sustainable pick-me-up: can of coke or cup of tea/coffee?

Question: which has a greater embodied energy: a cup of tea/coffee or a can of Coke (or Pepsi, or other caffeinated soft drink) -- or maybe some other stimulating drink? I have made some estimates of ...
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Carbon footprint and embodied energy of argon, krypton, xenon?

Noble gases such as argon, krypton and xenon are used to fill the gap between panes in some double- and triple-glazing sealed units. What's the embodied energy, and carbon-footprint, of such gases? ...
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How to measure the embodied energy of a regulation. Is data available?

Is there sufficient data to measure the energy spent managing regulation on both sides (energy spent on compliance, enforcement, permit application processing, and the like)? Are there tools ...
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14 votes
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What type of photovoltaic cells are the most environmentally friendly?

Some solar panels use silicon crystals that required careful purification and enormous quantities of energy. Some types use cadmium, which is highly toxic. Several types are noted by Wikipedia. If we ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Minimum amount of time to use a consumer electronic?

I have read that the total embodied energy cost of consumer electronics (e.g. computers, smart phones, digital cameras, etc.) identifies these devices as products of an unsustainable energy economy. ...
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