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How to use solar power with grid backup without net metering

So here is my situation. I am using a lot of electricity out of a couple specific outlets, 24/7. I want to install some solar panels, an inverter, and have these outlets (or possibly the whole house ...
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Technical details The Rockefeller Foundation provides to justify a projected 15 cents/kWh for rural solar mini- and micro-grid solutions at scale?

In CNN's April 25, 2022 Hear bold new idea to bring clean energy to billions journalist Fareed Zakaria interviews Dr. Rajiv Shah, the President of The Rockefeller Foundation. Here is a bit of the ...
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Efficiently freezing an ice pack once per 48 hours

Question: What are some good electricity-efficient ways to cool an ice pack down to ~5 degrees C once every 48 hours? Background: I am in a warm climate and connected to the grid in a US city. I don't ...
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How can I figure out what's using so much electricity in my home?

I recently moved into a new home with 2 other housemates and our combined bill for electricity is far higher than I expected. We're using just over 40 kWh per day, on average. When I lived alone, my ...
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Are there any active vehicle to grid programs around the world that are accepting customers?

It seems like people have been hyping the benefits of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) for decades. The basic premise of V2G is that electric vehicles, when plugged in to the grid to charge, can offer services ...
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What level of light intensity (lumens) do you need across a solar panel in order to obtain 15% energy efficiency?

What level of light intensity (lumens) do you need across a solar panel in order to obtain an incident-light to energy-output efficiency of 15%?
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Is hydrogen a good way of storing energy from excess hydroelectric generation? [closed]

Referring to hydro electricity generation, a lot of what we produce is wasted as the buyer buys only the minimum generation. What would be the appropriate measure to use that excess energy? Is ...
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Energy storage idea: Pumped hydroelectric storage in ocean using difference in salt content

Note: Updated the calculation, found an error. With that, the concept isn't economically viable any more. I wanted to share a concept for a possible cheap large scale energy storage concept that has ...
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Domestic flywheel energy storage: how close are we?

I've done some web searches, but I don't see anything very current on how close we are to having a home energy storage flywheel system that's comparable in price and performance to a battery system. ...
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Is 3 phase electrical generation more efficient to utilize than single phase?

Is 3 phase power more efficient to generate/use? How difficult or complicated is it going to be to provide balanced single phase load(s) from a 3 phase service? (equipment & controls required) If ...
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What are the incentives for energy companies promoting energy efficiency?

My hydro (electricity) bills always contain helpful hints on conserving energy: do laundry runs in the wee hours, favor LED over incandescent bulbs, etc. I'm sure many at the big-energy corporate ...
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What is the impact of switching to smart metering?

Is there some way to estimate the environmental impact on overall carbon emissions of a community switching from normal to smart meters, with all the integrated solutions(monitoring, for instance)? I ...
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Is it possible to calculate energy efficiency of a flat by knowing how much energy was consumed for heating?

During 6 days my heating system consumed 11,4 m3 of natural gas keeping its temperature at 20 degrees of Celsius. No human or other energy source (except for refrigerator) was inside the flat at that ...
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How to stop paint deterioration of inner side of roof

Our concrete roof paint deteriorates from inner side, probably due to presence of moisture in concrete, & it results in poor luck of roof .. Please guide me , how to stop paint deterioration ? ...
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Electrical usage data logging with wireless data transfer

Does anyone know of a wireless energy usage capture device, that one can attach to an appliance and find out the energy usage? I know that there are certain energy monitors that do the job to some ...
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How would keystone pipeline affect nature?

I know that the legislature for the project was not passed, but only by one vote in the senate. If it were to pass, would the pipeline just wipe out miles of nature, or do politicians have any concern ...
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How can I use my own body as an energy source for greater environmental sustainability?

I've had the epiphany that my body is a living vessel of energy production (and consumption), just like all other energy sources and associated forms of consumption or re-allocation around me. My ...
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Lowering the heating thermostat at night: is it really worth it?

I've heard some very conflicting information regarding the effect of lowering the house heating thermostat at night. On one hand there are academic papers (such as Thermostat strategies impact on ...
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How to monitor energy use in existing office building without submetering?

Our office occupies one floor of a 4-story, one hundred year old building. We are making tenant-level improvements to our space, and are interested in lowering and monitoring our energy use, but are ...
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What’s the best strategy for turning off CFLs that will save energy but not reduce lifespan so much

With ordinary bulbs, I was used to turning the lights off even when I left the room for a few minutes (mostly because I know that I'll find other business and forget to return :-) ), but I've heard ...
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Producing my own energy options in urban area with windows but no roof access?

I'm wanting to produce my own energy, but I live in a condo with no access to the roof. I'd like to produce electricity, so maybe turning that energy into electricity safely. I have windows that have ...
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