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the sustainable use, production, and storage of energy, through efficiency, conservation and renewable resources. Use this tag for questions on energy in general.

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Are there any articles that describe to correlation between the forecast errors for renewable energy resources, depending on the distance?

In an article by Zhang et al., the authors describe how the (normalized) forecast errors of different renewable energy sources (like solar panels and wind mills) are correlated. To that end, they ...
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The EU made its top priority to stop buying Russian fossil fuels, even if it involves less sustainable energy sources. Is net-zero under threat?

With Putin having invaded Ukraine, Europe made getting rid of Russian hydrocarbons a more urgent priority than phasing out fossil fuels and other unsustainable energy sources. They now intend to ...
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Long-run marginal energy cost of my water use?

As a residential water consumer on US city water, I am used to thinking about the marginal environmental cost (particularly energy cost) of my additional water use, based on considerations like ...
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How does the overall energy balance of freeze dried food compares to food frozen and transported over long distances?

I remember reading somewhere that freeze dried food is not common apart from coffee because the process is energy intensive and expensive. But I just thought that some food is frozen, transported for ...
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What darknet would you choose (or is it not justifiable)?

I want to know if there are any darknets that are sustainable. I have my doubts about Tor due to their apparent interest in Proof of Work. In ...
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Powering a small apartment

I recently saw a sale on EcoFlow products (in this case, an EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Starter Kit) so I decided to contiue researching ways to power up my small apartment without having a rooftop full ...
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