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What are the concrete impacts of not recycling textile?

By 'concrete impacts' I mean hard data for example: CO2e emitted, harm to the ecosystem, resources depleted, cost to the economy, etc. I have a piece of clothing that is broken that I want to get rid ...
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Are machine-washed rags more sustainable than paper towels for any & all household messes?

Anything single-use is suspicious in terms of sustainability, especially if it goes to the trash afterwards and is not recyclable. Considering that, and the disproportionate use of paper towels by the ...
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Why are hemp clothes so expensive?

Being hemp so easy, sustainable and economic to grow, one would expect it to be much cheaper than it is at the moment. Why, therefore, is it so expensive compared to cotton? Is it because of the ...
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Sustainability of different fabrics

I know this is a huge question, but I keep find conflicting or, at best, qualitative and not referenced information about the following issue. See for example here, or here. What is the ...
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Sustainable suit fabric

I'm in the need for a new suit - several actually, I'm getting married. I want the suit to be made sustainably, but living in Singapore there are no tailors that I can find that use sustainable ...
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Is bamboo fabric safe? What about its manufacture?

In New Zealand, "bamboo" fabric is marketed as being environmentally friendly because it uses bamboo as a raw material. However, my understanding is that the end product is a completely different ...
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