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1 answer

Running boiler intake along chimney for preheating

My house has a boiler in the attic that provides hot water for taps and for central heating. On the opposite side of the attic is a chimney pipe for the fireplace on the ground floor. I was thinking ...
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Ecological wood-burning fireplace

We are in the process of choosing a fireplace for our house (which is being refurbished). Is it possible to have a wood-burning fireplace that doesn't cause any harmful emissions or contribute to smog ...
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How to manage a clogged chimney problem in a rocket mass heater?

I see some designs for rocket mass heaters on the internet and I found them very interesting as a sustainable heat source. In a normal wood-burning fireplace, the chimney needs frequently cleaning. ...
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Should I use my wood fireplace?

I live in a relatively modern (built 1983) home, which has a fireplace in the living room. How should I decide if I should use the fireplace for heat, or strictly use use the natural-gas central ...
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