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Data of waste managed through wastewater treatment plant in the U.S

for a research report, I have been looking for the total amount of waste (TW) managed through the wastewater treatment plant (WWT) in the U.S. for any of the last six years—an exhaustive search. ...
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How to properly dispose of foreign soil?

Long story short, had some soil stuck to a vegetable that ended up passing customs (got waved through by the customs officer as they were reasonably confident there should be none present, despite ...
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Can we do without plastic film without an explosive growth of food waste?

The big plastic says we need plastic films to make fresh produce last longer. It seems a bit of a stretch: after all, retailers can just buy less, just as much as they can sell. However, the demand is ...
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How exactly does food waste generate huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions?

In reading an article in the New Yorker entitled Africa's Cold Rush and the Promise of Refrigeration, there were the following snippets: if global food waste were a country its greenhouse-gas ...
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Why is composting of food waste "better" than burning it?

Introduction It seems natural (promoted by the media) that composting is a form of recycling while burning is *no* form of recycling. In this question I'd like to question this way of thinking. ...
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What do developed nations do with organic municipal waste?

What do developed nations do with organic municipal waste? Are there separate receptacles in addition to bins for plastics, glass, metals, etc.? Is organic waste then transported for anaerobic ...
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How can a purely vegan diet be the most sustainable?

There seems to be a growing consensus, that the vegan diet is the most sustainable for our environment on multiple levels, such as land use, water use and CO2. There is some debate about whether ...
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Is cheese wax compostable?

Is cheese wax compostable? I have some Babybel cheese wax and I was wondering what to do with it.
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What are the ecological effects of buying "imperfect produce"?

I have seen a few sites such as,, and They sell food that they claim would otherwise go to waste because it would be hard to sell through ...
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How could I use egg yolk from boiled eggs?

Both my wife and I avoid eating yolk (as much as possible). I know I can find some uses for raw yolk but I am not sure if the yolk from boiled eggs can be put to good use, other than forms that ...
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What percentage of waste food is turned into electricity and/or biogas?

Food waste is a big problem in the U.S. and (presumably) many other parts of the world as well. From Scientific American: According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Loss Project, we ...
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Any problem with storing compost in a sealed container for several weeks? Alternatives?

I live in a second floor apartment with a small balcony. In my kitchen I have a small vented container where I place kitchen scraps as I'm preparing food -- like this: About once a week when this ...
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How to recycle almond shells?

I have seen this related question - but it was about the almond peels and not their shells: How do I recycle these? My relatives advised me to burn it all up, as it drives away mosquitoes[citation ...
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Sustainability of waste incineration vs biofuel/biogas?

Should I encourage my neighbors to send their food waste to a biogas plant instead of the current incineration facility? I have Googled around and it does not seem like it is clear that it is better ...
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Can I give fruit syrup and soda syrup to birds in winter?

I have several bottles of syrup which I am never gonna consume. And I would prefer not to simply throw away their content. I plan to put them in cups, near the place I put butter/margarine for birds ...
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Is it better to dispose of food scraps with a garbage disposal unit or into the garbage?

Obviously it is best to compost food scraps, but that is not always an option. A recent ABC news article claimed that food scraps were contributing to 'fatbergs' in Brisbane's sewage system. I've ...
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Using other peoples resources for basic living

For at least a few weeks, I've been living using others resources. I do not own a cellphone and have no expenses except my car insurance. I'm currently using my car for sleep and transportation. For ...
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How food producers calculate "best before" date?

How food producers calculate "best before" date? Why I'm asking on SL? Because I'd rather not waste food to be sustainable. And many times I'm advised (by "best before" date put on food package) to ...
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Fruit peels as alternative to store-bought fertilizer?

I've read somewhere that (organic) banana peels make a good fertilizer. You simply cut them up into small pieces and bury those around the plants in your garden. But how effective are banana peels ...
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