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Questions tagged [food]

substance consumed to provide nutritional support for humans and animals. Use this tag for questions on the sustainability aspects of food in general. See also [meat],[fish],[cooking]

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How do I choose the most sustainable chocolate?

I've heard that the production and import of chocolate has some consequences including deforestation, excessive use of pesticides and CO2 emissions. There are also concerns about exploitation of ...
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Can mealworms form part of a healthy diet in the UK?

Mealworms for birds are a cheap form of nutrition. Could they be processed at home in a way to make them healthy? Dried mealworms are sold as bird food for just under £8/Kg in the UK or $3/Kg from ...
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Distinguishing between polyethylene and polypropylene plastic food packaging for recycling

I want to recycle as much food packaging plastic films as possible (I'm willing to clean and dry them). As far as I know, food packaging films are only made from 3 types of plastic: polyethylene (PE), ...
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Is there any efficient and small-scale compost heat recovery(CHR) system?

I want to develop a system mainly based on compost heat recovery technology. Much research has already been in the past years and some good DIY designs established for farms to warm greenhouses. But ...
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How to make extracts and fragrances from fragrant plants like Sage

I'm looking to try using more natural products/solutions in our day to day life and some things that I am considering are fragrances, soaps and essences (food). I have read that Sage plants are edible ...
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What's required for hydroponic farming in a container?

I have a container of size L 1.8 m × W 1.86 × H 1.73. I am planning to turn this into a hydroponic container for growing cooking greens (salad etc.). The thing that concerns me is the stuff I probably ...
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How much more sustianable is breastfeeding than formula feeding?

Today, breastfeeding is recommended for all newborns due to the health benefits for both the infant and the mother. In addition to health benefits, it is cheaper than formula feeding, and once ...
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Is there any case where plant farming is more eco friendly than raising livestock?

I am looking for an example or a case with arguments that would justify converting cattle ranches into plant farms (e.g., wheat, apple, or anything non-meat). The advantages should be in a more ...
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Will Koolatron cooler cool warm stuff?

We don't have any electricity, so we're thinking of purchasing this Koolatron cooler. Most of the drinks I put in it (refreshment cans, water bottles, etc) will be warm/room-temperature. Will it ...
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