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Questions tagged [food]

substance consumed to provide nutritional support for humans and animals. Use this tag for questions on the sustainability aspects of food in general. See also [meat],[fish],[cooking]

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What lifestyle choices have the biggest impact on a local economy? [closed]

As someone who lives in a city and expects that a sustainable world will be interdependent rather than isolated homesteads, I'm interested in where money (spent locally as an assumption) is best ...
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1 answer

Good uses for sweet whey

I make cheese from time to time which produces copious quantities of whey (often more than I can drink in the mean time). Are there any extra uses for whey that I may be overlooking?
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17 votes
1 answer

How can I save seeds from a tomato for replanting?

I am a first time seeder and I am trying to save the seeds from the fruits and vegetables I consume so I can plant them later. I understand how to properly save most seeds like. However, I am unsure ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Local greenhouse/hothouse vegetables vs. remote naturally-grown vegetables

I've often wondered what is ecologically better: A tomato from the region grown in a (heated) greenhouse/hothouse A tomato from several thousand km away grown naturally Ceteris paribus, are there ...
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Yeasts - Home production for alcoholic beverages / Baking / etc

Yeasts are used to produce "alcoholic beverages" / beer / wine, to bake, yogurt/cheese, etc.... Going to a shop and buy some baker's yeast is easy but not a long term solution, at least the ones I ...
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9 votes
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Indoor tilapia aquaponic farm in condo/apartment?

Are there problems with an aquaponic tilapia farm for a condo/apartment living space? Is this sustainable and safe? I'm thinking there might be problems with humidity/mold and possible water pump ...
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How to preserve meat during warm months without electricity?

It's so easy to preserve food with a fridge. But if you don't have electricity, because of some big disaster or resource depletion, how would you handle preserving meat? In winter it is relatively ...
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12 votes
1 answer

How much area to feed the colony of snails?

Snails are good source of proteins. How much area should I have to provide food for the colony of snails producing about 100kg of "meat" every year?
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14 votes
2 answers

How to utilize a boreal forest for animal husbandry?

Forests are the great producers of oxygen, and sustainable living is hardly imaginable with meadows and farmlands only. But how to best utilize a forest for animal husbandry, in the way that ...
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18 votes
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How much space do I need for a colony of grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are a valuable source of protein, and they eat many different types of plants. But how large an area do I need for a colony of grasshoppers providing about 100kg of "meat" a year? In a ...
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