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How much of dropped fruit is wasted? How much could be consumed, ideally?

Fruit might be dropped due to many reasons including premature fruit drop and disease. I wonder how much fruit goes to waste which could otherwise be picked and consumed. Are there any statistics ...
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Useful plants to grow in garden [closed]

I am a guy living in Kerala, India. I have a plot of 5 cents (about 200 square meter) in my backyard. I would like to know which plants would be helpful for planting in the plot (edible fruits or ...
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Will chickens eat quince? [closed]

I've read that a quince is a very hard fruit, and was wondering if chickens like them enough for one of their forage foods.
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Rye cultivation and rye flour

In view of the possibility of cultivating rye to become self-sufficient in bread and flour, I am looking for a good estimate of the following quantities: the surface of area planted with rye needed ...
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Transplanting mature high bush blueberries

This past spring I was given 2 mature high bush blueberry plants. They were around 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. They did produce a decent amount of berries too. A gardening friend told me that, ...
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How should I store fruits and vegetables in the fridge?

I currently use plastic food containers like those in the below picture of different sizes. Is it better (in terms of energy consumption) for the fridge? Should the containers be sealed or not? ...
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How can we detect if a water melon contains artificial colouring?

Recently I heard at the market that water melons are injected with artificial colouring to make them look fresh and attractive, even though it is very harmful for anyone who consumes them. Is there a ...
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How to ripen fruit fast without harmful chemicals?

I want to know that how I can ripen fruit as fast as possible. Fruit sellers are using chemicals to do that which is harmful. I would like to know if there are any safe chemicals or other techniques ...
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