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Is there a more sustainable alternative to buying water glasses for the kitchen or dining room?

Glass (silicon oxide) is sourced from two types of places on Earth: Quartz mines featuring large white colored boulders. Sand deposits. The quartz mines are sometimes mined more often than the sand ...
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How can I tell if glass is soda-lime or borosilicate?

I have a few glass candle jars that I'm thinking about cleaning and recycling. But I've read that candle jars might be made from different kinds of glass, and some glass should not be recycled. Your ...
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What happens to all the shards of broken glass that get recycled?

I searched for recycling glass and there are no results. What happens with the broken glass in the recycling?...
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What is the most sustainable packaging for milk?

When buying milk, there are three forms of available packaging: plastic containers, TetraPak, and glass bottles. None of these forms of packaging are optimal - plastic containers are single-use, ...
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Understanding how bottle recycling works in Germany

I am new in Germany, and I am failing in recycling, thus I couldn't help but posting here, asking for help, let me know if this is off-topic! My bottles are: Plastic bottle of orange juice Glass ...
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Which is more sustainable for eyewear/spectacles : Glass lenses or Fiber-plastic lenses?

I am about to get my first pair of spectacles. From where I am, glass lenses need a frame. Fiber-plastic lenses can be frameless. It's well known Fiber lenses are much more durable and longlasting. ...
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Glass Recycling Case Study

Does anyone have a case study on community glass recycling. Specifically the cost/ton to crush/pulverize and screen into usable traction control sand for winter applications?
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3 answers

How difficult would it be to make things out of glass at home, using a solar reflector?

With a solar reflector/concentrator that was a square metre or two in size, I would expect it would be possible to get temperatures high enough to melt glass, even if only for a small sized object. ...
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How to fix plastic (acetate) glasses frame?

My prescription glasses has fallen on the ground... it's an Oakley Shifter 2.0 Black Smoke. Lenses are still good but the frame has broken when falling on the ground (a clean cut directly where the ...
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How can glass be recycled/reused locally in rural communities?

I live in a "remote" part of the USA, where it is prohibitively expensive to ship glass elsewhere for recycling. Because of the small population (the nearest city over 10k people is 110 miles away), ...
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Large-scale reuse of glass bottles

Reading some comments on the question comparing various materials from which bottles are made, the thought arose: indeed, what prevents large scale collection and reuse of glass tare? When I was ...
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