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Questions tagged [health]

the effect of sustainability improvements on people's health. See also [hygiene] or [personal-hygiene]

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What are the best medicinal plants that can be grown in a backyard or kitchen garden?

The ones that I already have: Chicory: Known for its digestive benefits, chicory can help stimulate appetite and aid in digestion. Yarrow: Yarrow has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, ...
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Will vegetarianism increase the world population?

According to the 2016 BBC article "What would happen if the world suddenly went vegetarian?": should everyone go vegetarian by 2050, we would see a global mortality reduction of 6-10%, ...
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Temperature for hot water cylinder

I live in an apartment in the UK. There's an electric "hot water cylinder" (storage tank) to heat water for tap usage. (Not for heating, there are electric radiators for that.) This hot ...
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How to create a sustainable white noise generation box?

I would like to create a white noise generation box. I want it to be as sustainable as possible (within reason), as it will likely be used 24/7. My thinking so far is to use an old, unused smartphone,...
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Does decanting eliminate heavy metals in water?

If heavy metals are present in water would they precipitate to the bottom of a container if the water is left decanting long enough? This would be in order to reduce water contamination when no ...
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What are the most sustainable options for filtering tap water for drinking?

I live in Europe (Belgium), where tap water is generally safe for drinking, but may vary in hardness and taste. It's pretty hard and not so good in my area, so I've been using (Brita) water jugs for a ...
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A hydropower based power-generating fitness system and some questions

I'm currently researching and experimenting a system concept about hydropower-based fintness. I recorded my initial experiment footage and you can watch the video on Youtube. Befor talking about this ...
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Is cooking with palm oil healthy? [closed]

Cooking oil is very important to get a good taste. Is cooking with palm oil healthy?
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Can solid dog waste be safely added to a backyard composting heap?

My dog poops in my backyard and the poop is either a) forgotten or b) picked up in a biodegradable bag and thrown in the trash which is ultimately incinerated for electricity by my municipality. Both ...
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Most eco-friendly staple food

I was wondering what the most eco-friendly high-starch food is — not per kg but per calorie — I am looking for something to eat large amounts of when hungry after my main meals. Thanks. Grains and ...
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What commercially printed paper is safe to compost?

I like adding carbon to the scraps I compost by mixing in some shredded newspaper and Yellow/White Pages books (bot not glossy magazines). What should I check for to make sure I am not adding ...
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How can I easily detect the presence of insecticides?

I suspect that my roommate has been using insecticides in my bedroom, living room, or kitchen. How can I check or test this?
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Are there hard water purifiers for the main water pipe into an apartment?

The water supply in our apartment is hard water and is not suitable for daily use like washing clothes, drinking, bathing etc. Are there water purifiers we can put on the main water pipe which goes ...
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Is it healthy to brush teeth only with tea tree oil? [closed]

I want to reduce my own consumption of industrial toothpaste, in particular to avoid the large amount of plastic packaging it uses. I have already been using tea tree oil as a supplement to my ...
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Quick "non-shower" after morning bicycle commute

I like to commute with my bicycle in the morning. It's just more relax than public transportation or motorcycling (or just whatever else, actually!). But there's just one problem this summer. Where ...
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Potential health risks with keeping temperature in a house low?

In this question on an alternative way of heating a comment was made that There are significant potential health risks with lowering a house to 16 degrees C What kind of potential health risks ...
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