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Device for efficient energy transfer from cold to warm.

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What is the environmental impact of replacing a functioning furnace with a heat pump?

It's generally accepted these days that electric vehicles are better for the environment than similar gas-powered models. Despite that, I have heard (and this very site confirms) that the most ...
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Is it inefficient to turn off the airconditioner for short durations of less than two hours?

I was recently recommended not to turn off the airconditioner (A/C) when leaving a room for two hours or less but instead to increase the temperature setting closer to the outside temperature. The ...
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For dehumidification purposes, does a ductless heat pump use more or less energy than a dehumidifier?

We have recently installed a ductless heat pump (Mitsubishi) in some soon-to-be-finished basement space. It will be used primarily for heating during the winter (we live in Maine). During the summer,...
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Will supplemental heating source shut down my heat pump?

What happens to the heat pump when a space heater is used as a supplemental source?I have been told it will shut down my heat pump and in very cold weather it could freeze my pipes. My house was built ...
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Can a compact compost heat recovery system reduce the usage of fossil fuels on household heating?

Two months ago I made a post asking about Compost Heat Recovery System designs that are compact enough for household usage. Though I got no answers from that post, I managed to develop a prototype ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why are heat pumps said to be more expensive than AC?

I'm interested in electric cars and a specific model I'm interested is not equipped with a heat pump.... but does have AC. The discussion across the internet usually cites cost as a reason they did ...
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What makes swimming pool heat pumps unsuited for home use?

I noticed that heat pumps for swimming pools are a lot cheaper than equivalent heat pumps for home use. What could be the reasons for this? To give an idea, a 16kW monoblock heat pump based on R32 (...
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How more efficient are low surface temperature radiators than traditional boiler systems?

I've recently come across low surface temperature radiators (E2 technology) as a form of heating. Unlike a traditional water radiator they operate at 30 - 50 C instead of 75 C. Small fans pull air ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Air source heat pumps: does prevailing wind matter?

Part of an air source heat pump is a fan to circulate air over the refrigerant circuit. Is it less efficient (and by how much) to point this fan into the prevailing wind? Or does it not matter (i.e. ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Optimal aspect to position air source heat pump (south/east/west)?

There is much conflicting information on this, e.g. Nu-heat: Bear in mind that your heat pump will need to work harder if it is situated in a cooler, north-facing, shady position, than if it is ...
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1 answer

heat pump ecodan noise: constant or variable

I have just seen an Ecodan PUHZ-W85VAA in action at the house of the salesman. It running very quietly, but I wanted to know will it get louder as the weather gets colder? In other words does the pump ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What is the actual efficiency of an air to air heat pump in the winter

We are looking at air to air heat pumps (aka reverse cycle AC units) to replace our existing electrical heaters. Air to air heat pumps claim a COP of 3 or 4 to 1 in the manufacturing literature. ...
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Temperature equalisation throughout the house

We have been living in our home for a number of years now, so have seen several summers and winters, but we are still looking to solve the heating and cooling problems we have. Heating The walls and ...
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